OCEAN PLASTIC MAGNET, The Gorilla Billies latest weapon.

Creator: Mark Stopford
Age rating: Everyone
The Gorilla Billies get plans from Gabriel the Alien to fit a Ocean Plastic Magnet to donated spacecraft THE GUARDIAN to gather all plastics in the Oceans, melting and remolding into roofing and building blocks,white/ clear for Arctic ,Brown/ straw for African villages.
Synopsis: The Gorilla Billies new weapon the Ocean Plastic Magnet is the latest fantastic technology donated to them by Gabriel the Alien to help rescue and protect the Earths fragile Environment and its diverse creatures.The story is aimed at 8 to 14 year olds to encourage them to engage in current environmental topics in a fun way.The Guardian can hover over the selected area of Ocean and engage its traction beam to attract all forms of harmful plastic and gathering it up in the cargo hold where it will be crushed and molded into roofing sheets and building blocks to be re used by the peoples of the local Environments devastated by the latest of man made disasters.For example, if there were severe floods and landslides in South America, huge Plastic blocks would be sent for river banks and settling down unstable deforested mountains before smaller building blocks and roofing sheets in greens and browns would be made to rebuild the shanty towns to make them safe and stable environments for the native peoples.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Mark's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    THE Ocean Plastic Magnet is the latest weapon the Gorilla Billies (book on Amazon and Kindle) have been gifted by Alien Gabriel in their fight to help Earths endangered creatures and Environments.Fitted to the Guardian a tractor beam scans the oceans in 50 mile areas filtering and compacting all Plastics into cubes of re usable roofing and building blocks for disaster hit communities worldwide.