Princess Gabrielle

Age rating: Everyone
A young princess, beautiful and unique heir to the throne. Everything seemed perfect but the princess was a futile person, did not respect the king and the queen, was irresponsible, selfish and despised the poor. But unexpected happened and the princess surprised everyone.
Synopsis: In a beautiful castle, with tall and imposing towers, lived with much luxury and comfort, the little princess Gabrielle. As the princess was the only daughter of the king and queen, to make her feel happy and loved, her parents did everything the little princess wanted. The king and the queen fulfilled all the wishes of the daughter.

When the princess grew up, her parents realized that they had made a mistake in how to educate her. The princess became a spoiled and selfish girl who did not like to study, to learn, had no responsibility, did not work, did not respect her parents and hated poor people. She only thought about marrying a prince and having an unforgettable wedding party.

But as the fame and selfishness of the princess had spread to all the neighboring kingdoms, no prince wanted to marry her, and she was disgusted and discontent.

As a result of bad choices and attitudes, the princess was forced to wear a disguise to look like a simple maid and live anonymously with poor and humble people in a village far from the palace.

After a long time, when she was able to return to her house, the princess felt happy and relieved to be back in the comfort and luxury of the palace. However, a surprise shook her, she was no longer the same person and went into an existential crisis. The period she had lived with the people she had previously despised made her discover that her concept of happiness and wealth was wrong.

She has learned that the most important things in life, such as having a united and happy family, loving and being loved, having and being the "best friend", not all the money in the world can buy.

The princess understood the importance of forgiving and asking for forgiveness when she made a mistake, the importance of respecting her parents, the conviction that a better world was possible and the responsibility for it, burned and cried out in a hurry in her heart.

He found that the education of the people of his people was the key to a more just and safe world for all. The princess decided to help and transform the lives of those who no one cared. But discredited by the king, the queen, and everyone around her because of the irresponsible past, she had to fight and bear all the consequences of that decision.

Everyone thought the princess wanted only personal promotion. No one believed that she really cared for the poor and simple people of the kingdom, after all, everyone knew that in the past she publicly despised them.

After the first of many schools were built the good reputation of the princess spread and now she was loved by the people and known as the princess who cared for the poor.

Happy at her daughter's transformation, and with the good fame she enjoyed, the queen said that princess could now choose any prince from the neighboring kingdoms to marry because they all wanted her as his wife. But instead of reacting with joy as her mother hoped, the princess replied that she did not want to marry any of them.

The queen realized that despite all success and recognition, the daughter was more and more sad and silent. The motive was a secret ... a great secret that the daughter hid from all and even herself: the princess denied, but was completely in love with a boy who lived during the period in which she lived disguised in the village far from the palace.

The daughter's great love, the "prince" that the princess's heart chose to love, lived in another type of castle, surrounded and separated from her by the innumerable differences between her world of luxury and wealth and his simple and modest life

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