Creator: David Alen Smith
Age rating: Everyone
A feisty 16-year old with a dream to enter the local Grand Prix Jumping Classic learns life can be a rough ride when she promises to clean stables for riding lessons if she can adopt a shelter Stallion no one wants.
Synopsis: The story is about a young girl named Sam with a big dream who announces she’ll be riding in the East Rainbow Hunter Grand Prix one day, even though she’s only taken a few horse- riding lessons but she was hooked. This was back before her father was killed in Irag… and she hasn’t ridden since. Despite her mother’s usual resistance, this summer Sam turns sixteen and finagles a job at a new local stable cleaning horse stalls to pay for riding lessons hopefully to begin her journey. Soon the trainer, Tom, and his vet partner, Hutch, are convinced by Sam that she has a natural talent and is exceptionally gifted with horses. The problem is they don’t have a horse that can jump well enough to compete in the Grand Prix. With Hutch, Sam visits the local horse shelter where Hutch is the a volunteer vet. While assisting Hutch she falls in love with a troubled, former racehorse named Pepper. Nobody wants to adopt him because he’s been abused and is uncontrollable, but Sam feels that she understands him, and that all he needs is love and respect. Ultimately, Sam proves that she was right, that Pepper is trainable and can jump, and plans on riding her now best friend in the Grand Prix… until tragedy strikes when Pepper is killed saving the life of the only friend he ever had. Sam quits riding over the guilt that she was responsible. But a gift from Peppers past gives Sam renewed spirit to complete her dream for both of them in the Grand Prix Classic. “Pepper” is written along the lines of films such as “Secretariat” and “Dreamer.” A story that will please all who love films.

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