Entertainment On Wheels - PILOT

Creator: Patrice Wilson
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
EOW is a Docu-series/reality comedy about 2 Producers from Los Angeles traveling around the US/Globe in search of talent. Producers include Patrice Wilson (Creator of Rebecca Black-Friday) & Richard Brown (Co Producer). You get to see their dynamic in tensed up situations.
Synopsis: Hosts Patrice Wilson (Maker of Viral Hit song "Friday") and his fellow Co-Producer Richie Brown (Contractor, employee and College best friend) set off on a journey to different parts of the USA , following some other parts of the Globe. They are in search for unique and interesting talents, ranging from singers, actors, street performers, gym fanatics, Instagram models and even business entrepreneurs.

During the trip they encounter various obstacles, scenarios, hardship which they must face; This includes traveling on a strict budget in a short amount of time via road and sometimes air. Accommodating each other differences, believes and forfeiting/making a compromise in order to get these project complete. They also must face any/all harsh conditions while traveling on the road to the talent(s) hometown/country, while making it on time.
The hosts Patrice and Richard get to spend time with the specific talent, learning their culture, tradition, background, family etc. Therefore they must get out of their comfort zone/California life and adjust to what ever situation lies ahead of them.

In between the episode, you will see the dynamic of Patrice and Richard, which is unique. From their arguments, to their every aspect about these 2 producers traveling together. This is why "P&R STUNTS" was added several times in the Pilot episode, to show more of their dynamic and communication throughout.
Watch as thing get heated up as they get up.

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