Bobby Blogs

Creator: Mandy Khaira
Age rating: Everyone
Bobby Blogs is an aspiring Vlogger and shares videos of his friends and family with his fans
Synopsis: Bobby Blogs loves to create videos about his life, his friends and family and document them in his own version of a reality TV show, The Bobby Blogs Show.
Bobby tries to plan his videos carefully and film the antics of his friends as they attempt funny tricks or stunts and just plain goof around, but things rarely go smoothly!
The show is unique in that it will be an animated series shot like a home movie, with Bobby talking to camera, hand held shots, outtakes, Go-pro style shots, quick cuts all mixed in with traditional third person cuts to set the scene.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Children's comedy
    Creative Notes:
    Mandy Khaira the creator of Bobby Blogs owns childrens nurseries and the show has grown organically watching children play and learn