Age rating: Everyone
A California man beset by family problems becomes involved with a Mexican laborer's family, leading him to reassess his own life and relationships.
Synopsis: Fred Ashton (40s), a translator and part time writer from Fresno CA, is called by Mendota police to help them interrogate the Mexican laborer, Juan Morales accused of manslaughter, Juan doesn’t understand English.
Fred takes his ten years son, Tim to Mendota leaving his 35 years wife Sherry, an alcoholic and temper woman, alone at home. It is very important for Fred to take Tim with him in his trip because the child is getting unstable and timid due to the dysfunctional mother.
In Mendota Fred and Tim get acquainted with the Morales family members: Don Fernando, father of the incriminated Juan, Mark (12); and Juan's wife Elena (25).
Tim does good friendship with Mark. Tim invites Mark to spend a week at their house in Fresno.
Back to Fresno, Tim, accompanied by Mark, starts to change his behavior for better. He is getting more dynamic and disposed to perform activities as a normal child. This makes Fred feel quite happy. The staying of Mark in Fresno is extended until the end of the crop season in August.
Due to this first success, Fred takes the entire family, including Mark, to the beach for a weekend.
But in the shore, Sherry gets involved with two young men in a policial drug consumption case. Sherry is detoxed at the hospital then she refuses to declare against the two wrongdoers as was asked by the cops. This makes Fred to loathe his wife to the utmost deep of his being because it is implied that she participated voluntarily in the happening with them.
Days after, Mendota fruit picking campaign ends up. The family Morales must go back to Yuma. Elena announces that she has changed her mind -- she has decided to go to San Francisco to work in the restaurant “The Golden Cock”, but she alone. Then, Don Fernando asks her for a last favor: that is to go to Fresno and bring Mark back to him. Elena accepts it and goes to Fresno.
In the meantime, Sherry, after the beach affair, has gotten severely affected by the overdose of drug. Fred is in his study printing some writing while Mark and Tim are out, playing at the grass.
Sherry comes out of her room looking desperately for booze. Fred is compelled to give her a glass of whiskey, then they both start arguing bitterly. The anger heights from a simple spat to a big quarrel. It led Fred to smacking her down. In response she throws all his printed pages away, to the street where the two boys are playing. The children witness the incident. Then she comes out like crazy, takes Tim to her car and drives away hurriedly.
Two hours after that, Elena arrives to Fresno looking for Mark.
She finds Fred half drunk. Fred at last discloses his love for her. She doesn't tell him that she is going away for a new life but she accedes to his love requirements. However the act fails because Fred falls asleep on Elena’s arms. She look at him in pain, it is clear she has fallen with him but she are not prone to postpone his departure. She writes in the wall mirror the name “The Golden Cock” (The restaurant in San Francisco where she will go), then she says to him "Godby, Mr. Ashton" though she knows he has not heard it. She comes out hurriedly and joins again with Mark to go.
When at half way of the block, Mark turns back to see the white house for a last time in spite that Elena has warned him not to do so. But she can't stand at it, yet, and, in time, she turns herself, too, to see at the house. END

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