Bayou Country

Creator: Randall Shields
Age rating: Everyone
Bug, a 12-year-old African American boy and his white girlfriend, Beany, rescue the alien pilot of a crashed UFO and help him evade pursuit by black ops commandos and government agents. A comic romp through the swamp featuring the best and worst of earthlings and aliens.
Synopsis: The hero of this story is Bug Alexander, a little 12-year-old African American boy, and a modern day Huck Finn. Like Huck, Bug is somewhat grammatically challenged but naturally bright and pure of heart.

Bug and his schoolmate and girlfriend, Beany, are out in the southeast Louisiana swamp fishing when they witness a UFO shot out of the sky by a pair of Navy jet fighters. Exploring the scene of the crash, they discover the pilot who, speaking perfect English, pleads for their assistance. They agree to help and spirit him away in Bug's motorboat just as the black ops commandos come paragliding into the site to secure the UFO and capture the alien.

Chased through the bayou country swamp by commandos, federal agents, the Navy, the NSA, the Plaquemines parish police and the local redneck militia, Bug and Beany enlist the assistance of their elder adult friend, Dub, proprietor of Dubs Bait Shop, to help them evade capture and reunite the alien with his confiscated space craft.

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