Creator: Jan Osborne
Age rating: Everyone
Is the Bible still relevant today? Leena Ward is a graphic designer who has received many different answers to this question. As Christian film explodes, this script addresses an important issue among believers.
Synopsis: Leena Ward is a graphic designer living in a thriving city. She has a live-in boyfriend, Ryan, who is extremely self-centered and self-absorbed. Leena is nearing thirty and begins to wonder if she has life as figured out as she once thought. Ryan is adamant that he doesn't want marriage or children, but Leena can't decipher if her feelings are the same, or if she is simply going along with her boyfriend. She grew up going to church pretty regularly, but has gotten away from God and doesn't think the Bible is relevant to her life. Her mother tries to give her a copy for Christmas, and Leena is defensive, thinking her mother is simply encouraging her to marry. Since the failed attempt at the Bible, Leena begins to ask others in her life about the book. Her cousin is a devout agnostic, her boss claims no affiliation, and her best friend, an active member of a church, says that the Bible is old and pointless, that you simply must go to church to get to heaven. On a chance encounter, Leena meets a man named Corbin who introduces her to the TRUE Jesus, not just the "go to church" one. Leena takes on his three month challenge of reading the Bible daily, and truly accepts Jesus as her savior. Her life is transformed as she breaks up with Ryan, visits an orphanage, starts her own firm, and adopts two girls over a ten year span. The script ends with her boss, best friend, and cousin meeting at her house, where they all have taken notice of Leena's changes, and decide the Bible must truly be relevant to modern day.

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  • Script 1 - Jan's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I once thought I was a Christian simply because my parents went to church, as a statistic states that sixty percent of church-goers do. This movie script address that issue head on.