"Alive, Alaska"

Creator: Lee Beatty
Age rating: Everyone
Something special, some secret, something long missing is found by a young man while on a fishing vacation. This is "Alive, Alaska" where the past lives and dreams come true. The trip is well worth the time. In fact, you just may be "All Shook Up"!
Synopsis: ROLAND DAVID HUNTER is not the "stereotypical" African-American depicted in movies. In fact, he is honest, hard-working, shuns drugs and only drinks sociably. His many years of work, however, have gotten him nowhere. He barely exists, with little money to do anything but pay bills. Plus, he has no family, no friends and no love life. Thus, he has come to that "point" where he evaluates his life and is fed up with what he sees. His solution, however, is suicide.

He takes one last trip to the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York, before putting his plans in motion. On the way though, he becomes a reluctant hero, saving the life of an equally suicidal man named SYLVESTER "SLY GUY" WRIGHT", self-professed "Travel Agent to the Stars". This act of heroism brings a change in Sly, who "rewards" Roland with something he's always wanted…"an all-expenses paid fishing trip to Alaska! Roland is beside himself with joy and quickly accepts.

But, Roland will find far more than fish in Alaska. The man that picks him up at the airport is a friend of Sly's. He's a story in himself, in that he arrived in Alaska years ago with a satchel full of cash. He doesn't even know how he got there. It's like he just "fell out of the sky". Following them to the resort, ever watchful, is a man that hasn't been seen for years. Let's call him "Union Guy", just for fun.

While having the time of his life, Roland drives the wrong way one morning, heading as far west as possible, until he runs into s long fence. He should turn around and go back, but he's curious to know "why" there is a fence in the middle of nowhere.

He gets out and walks, only to spot several mansions on the land. Also there is a large, pristine lake, probably loaded with fish. Foaming at the mouth, he wants to fish that lake and sets out to ask if that is possible.

Reaching the gate, he is greeted by "HOWARD", a billionaire recluse who was supposed to have died while in flight years ago. He looks horrible, but he appears to be in his right mind. He contacts the land owner, who happens to be the man that picked Roland up at the airport. By the way, His name is D.B. Cooper.

He grants Roland permission to fish his "pond" the next day, but Roland will get to see more than fish while there.

1) The Union Guy wants him off that property and tells him in no uncertain terms.
2) Undaunted, Roland fishes on, only to find that he has company.....a beautiful older woman named "NORMA JEAN".
3) Roland quits fishing to go for a walk with Norma Jean, only to run into a "TV JUNKMAN" that was supposed to have died while working in a new television series. His name, by the way, is "REDD".....errrrr.....I meant "FRED".
4) There's another recluse on the grounds (one of many), someone that Norma will only refer to as "KING".

Roland "wakes up" after that and realizes that he's found a hiding place, a refuge that mega stars, celebrities and personalities go to permanently "get away" from the public life.

And oddly enough, D.B. Cooper calls this place "Alive, Alaska".

With his discovery, however, Roland has found a blessed curse. He may get filthy rich telling this story, or he may get himself killed in the process. Sylvester "Sly Guy"
Wright is a nice enough man, but he's also rich, well-connected and quite protective of his investments, one of which happens to be "Alive, Alaska". He truly likes Roland, but he will stop at nothing to keep this story buried. That may include burying Roland in the process.

How does this tale end? Well, let's just say that a huge personality comes out of retirement to "have a talk" with Roland. To say the least, Roland is "All Shook Up!"

There is a solution, though. Sly, Mutton Chops and Roland come up with a plan that will leave everyone quite happy, audience included. After all, the purpose of "Alive, Alaska" is to finally find peace, joy and happiness. This is what most celebrities seek after years in the limelight. Rather than being bought back out into the world, they are willing to "share" the peace with Roland.

I promise you, audiences will laugh, cry and cheer at the exploits of a hard-working loser that finally gets a chance to grab the Brass Ring. Roland is blessed beyond measure because he went fishing and found gold beyond his wildest dreams. I welcome you to "Alive, Alaska", where the past lives and dreams come true. I encourage you to take the trip. It is well worth the time. Thank you and God bless you.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Lee's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    "Alive, Alaska" presents as a "PG" offering, illustrating that God is still in the blessing business. ROLAND DAVID HUNTER went fishing in Alaska and struck REAL GOLD! He can be rich beyond his wildest dreams.....if he lives long enough to reap the rewards.