Creator: Jonathan Sieff
Age rating: 17 and older
A pacifistic NYPD cadet and a loner detective investigate the source of a new street drug, leading them to a notorious dealer; but he’s just a pawn, and someone much more powerful runs the operation.
Synopsis: On the outskirts of Alaska, a drug operation is foiled by police. However, a woman helps a man escape with a sample of the drug. He is picked up by a fishing boat. The woman’s fate remains unknown.

AMANDA SMITH (26) trains at the police academy, her intelligence is unmatched and she manages to conquer the physical challenges, but she hesitates at the shooting range. Smith mentions her phobia of guns to the police psychiatrist.

Six months later, and days before graduation, a man and woman are out clubbing. The woman gives the man a pill. YURI (40) watches as the man becomes disoriented. The man dies outside the club. The next morning, the area has been cordoned off. LEWIS (65), the police captain tasks MARK WARNER (60) with investigating the man’s death.

Back at the academy, Smith is praised for her intelligence but is told she needs field experience. Lewis enters and tells her about working with a detective on a case. At the precinct the next day, Lewis introduces Smith and Warner to each other. Just as they’re about to leave, ANDREA RUSSELL (45) enters, and after scrutinising the pair, she reveals her initiative to put more funding into the police academy as part of her political campaign.

Smith and Warner go to the morgue where the coroner shows them a series of bodies, all in varying states of decay. He mentions that they were found in Harlem, Lennox Hill and one is from Alaska. The coroner tells them about how the man was picked up by a fishing boat and died by the time they returned to the city. Just before they leave, the coroner gives Warner a business card he found on the Alaskan man. On the back it says, “Old Russia”.

They question the girl from the club but get nothing to go on and so go to the pool hall in Lennox Hill to find that the inside barely remains. Inside, they find a matchbox with ‘PHIL’S BAR’ written on it, they visit the bar and find LESTER (55), Warner’s contact, who tells them about the drug and that something is happening on Saturday night. On their way back to the precinct, they are pursued by a black Sedan, which they lose after Smith drives through an intersection, almost causing a crash.

Smith goes through files of recent ecstasy cases and discovers the name ‘Yuri Bukhanov’ as well as a map marking all the places where the victims in the morgue were discovered. There’s also another name, ‘Anya Romanov’ but her focus is on Yuri. She presents her findings to Warner and Lewis and after further research, discovers that Yuri bought both business, with the hopes of creating a chain of clubs.

Smith and Warner stakeout Yuri’s estate, during which, Warner begins telling Smith about the incident with his family. Once inside, they record a conversation between Yuri and an unknown woman about something coming in on Saturday night from “Old Russia”. They are almost caught and Warner has to fight the Bodyguard. Smith has a chance to shoot the Bodyguard but hesitates. The next morning, Warner finds that the recording has been erased. He and Smith decide to pay DMITRI (35), Yuri’s lawyer, a visit. Smith manages to get a file from his law firm containing information about Frostbite. Smith works out that, “Old Russia” is a codeword for Alaska. Warner then takes her to a warehouse and helps her overcome her fear of guns. After which, Smith tells Warner about the hunting trip with her father that caused her phobia. Warner then finishes his story, revealing that his daughter was held at gun point, so he sent her and her mother away as a means of protection.

Smith and Warner get Lewis to put together a team to raid the docks. During which, they find equipment and arrest Dmitri. Smith and Warner interrogate Dmitri but get nothing. The next morning, Andrea gives a press conference in which she commends Smith and announces her campaign to the public. Dmitri is released which Smith and Warner find suspicious, particularly when he is whisked away in Andrea’s car.

Smith and Warner ask Lewis about Dmitri’s release. He tells them the charges were dropped because they didn’t find any drugs. He then gets out the file that Smith found in Dmitiri’s office. Smith works out that Anya must be the person behind the operation. She was the one talking with Yuri at his estate and is the person who followed them after they met with Lester. She comes to the conclusion that Anya Romanov and Andrea Russell are one and the same. She sees an identical map to the one she looked at earlier and works out that Yuri and Anya are planning to use the club as a manufacturing plant. Once they leave, Lewis phones someone to warn of their arrival.

Smith and Warner arrive at the club and go to the basement where Dmitri is being tortured. As they enter, Andrea comes up behind them and knocks them out. Smith and Warner wake up cuffed to some chairs. Andrea reveals that Yuri is her cousin and that she’s planning to use the Frostbite profits to fund the police.

Lewis enters, he's about to kill Smith but double-crosses Andrea. There’s a standoff between the two groups. The guns go off and Andrea is hit in the leg. She tries to attack Smith and Warner but is apprehended. All of a sudden, the Bodyguard has his gun to Warner’s head, forcing him to let Andrea go.

Smith and Warner chase after Andrea and the Bodyguard who are racing to the docks to escape. The Bodyguard has to help Andrea to the end of the dock, due to her injured leg. Warner is shot and falls back. Smith shoots the Bodyguard and tackles Andrea just as she’s about to make it to the yacht, leading to a confrontation between the two. Andrea almost comes out on top; but Smith winds Andrea, who then runs away. Their fight resumes on the main deck where Smith breaks Andrea’s wrist and apprehends her.

At the graduation ceremony, Smith is presented with a special medal of commendation by Warner.

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