Novark Pilot

Creator: Patrick Tudor
Age rating: 17 and older
Logline - In the not so distant future where man & extraterrestrial co-exist on earth, the worst imaginable father and son vigilante duo set out to put a stop to the corruption in their city.
Synopsis: Novark is an animation set in the not so distant future in which extraterrestrials have sought refuge here on earth, due to an intergalactic war between two alien races. Set in the city of Novark which is located in the fictional country of Brina, the story follows a dysfunctional father and son. Todd (the father) is an over the top, alcoholic, slob who believes that he is better than anyone else and above the law. Todd is an ex-wrestler and now lives off of the royalties of his old career and now is a stay at home dad, who just sits at home all day watching daytime TV and drinks.
Kyle (Todd's son) is a normal geeky teen who is in love with learning and has a very high IQ. Kyle feels like he is held back by his father, as Todd is not a bright man himself he often doesn't understand his son's interests and hobbies. Todd tends to put Kyle down which has led Kyle to become a shut-in, and not have a social life.

One day after school Kyle comes home to find his dad has gone out, this is unusual for Todd to be out of the house in the daytime. Kyle finds out that his father has been a vigilante for the past few months and is dragged into this whole situation when he receives a phone call from Todd asking Kyle for his help. Kyle is hesitant to help his father break the law, but as he wants to impress his father he finally agrees to help as a one-off.
Todd felt like he was finally connecting with his son, so he came up with the crazy idea that they should become a father and son vigilante duo. Kyle is not so happy with his idea and at first and refuses his dads offer but after a lot of convincing and sheer annoyingness, Kyle agrees to be full-time vigilantes... but he's not happy about it.

Todd and Kyle's first target is Choe Jill, what they think is a high ranking crime boss. after defeating Choe Jill and his men, they find out that Choe was not the high ranking drug lord they thought he was and the real high ranking criminal catches wind of these two vigilantes.

Kyle chooses to join a martial arts class, and on his way to the class notices this same gang sign spray painted on street corners and down alleyways, Kyle doesn't take too much notice of this. Kyle notices a strange marking on the teacher of the martial arts class, this marking matches the gang signs that Kyle saw on the street corners on the way to the class.
Kyle realizes that the two are connected and decides to take action. Kyle and Todd break into the dojo at night and copy all the files in the backroom computer onto a hard drive, they leave it to copy files overnight and Kyle picks up the hard drive after his class the following day.
Kyle plugs the hard drive into his computer at home and they find out secret plans for a massive drug shipment that is arriving on the border.
This turns out to be a trap and Todd and Kyle fall right into the hands of the top crime boss.

Later on in the story, a massive conspiracy has discovered a conspiracy relating to the origins of the aliens that inhabit planet earth. The release of this conspiracy causes world war 3, which ends in seconds with devastating results.
The world is plunged into apocalyptic darkness but luckily for Todd and Kyle, they have survived this cataclysmic war because they were underground in maximum security prison at the time of the events. Now the duo has to try and survive and restore order in this new barren world.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Patrick's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    We have a timeline of 3 seasons set up, season one is the startup of the 2 main characters and the struggles of being a vigilante. The main focus is on Kyle (the son) and his transformation from nerdy school kid to badass vigilante. Todd (the father) pushes his son and forces his son to grow up and become something he does not want to be.

    The other seasons start to reveal a massive conspiracy.