The accelerated species

Creator: Obito Chishi
Age rating: Everyone
A scientist invents a device, the particle accelerator, to open doorways to another dimension along with his associate. He also experiments on DMT and finds out that the drug holds more mystery about human existence itself.
Synopsis: Synopsis: The accelerated Species

Martin an obvious brilliant geek has to finish his particle accelerator, as his sponsors are losing their patience. During his timely break from his work one night, he meets a let-loose girl who manages him to get high with her. She then introduces him to DMT and he likes the good old trip after all. After some snapshots of events, he along with his other geek buddy, could fire open the accelerator but gets sucked into the unstable portal before it starts to breakdown. Martin is transported into a higher dimension and he finds out that the effect of the DMT and the new world had some higher purpose since the inception of humanity.

The rest of the narration embarks on an adventure and saving the world from species not of this dimension, who had since ancient time plotted to take over humanity.

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