The Woman In White

Creator: David Brimer
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
A songwriter with crippling writers block finds the inspiration for a hit song after accidentally killing a prostitute. He soon discovers himself chasing that inspiration into an unraveling nightmare world of drugs and death.
Synopsis: Drew Hailey is a failed performer but a semi-successful songwriter. He is a divorced with a child he doesn't want, and lives with a freeloading coke addicted girlfriend named Linda. He is many months into a crippling writers block and has just recently had his latest batch of songs horribly rejected. His agent (who is only a voice on the telephone and never appears on screen) is desperate for him to write a hit song, but he just can't. One day, he goes to his favorite seedy casino and meets a woman in a white dress. They flirt for a while and she proposes to go to her room, where they proceed to have sex. Afterwards, it is revealed that she is a prostitute when she takes all the money out of Drew's wallet. Drew, in a fit of rage, punches the woman, who falls and hits her temple on the corner of a desk. Drew, not knowing what else to do, leaves the woman to die alone in the room.

The next day, Drew writes a song he calls "The Woman In White" and submits it to his agent, who quickly sells it to one of the top pop stars in the charts, Jessie XYZ. The song is released and becomes a smash. Drew is suddenly flush with cash and expectations. He immediately becomes tempted into a regiment of heavy drugs by his both his dealer and his girlfriend, thanks to his new influx of cash. Yet, with the pressure of expectation coming from both his agent and Jessie XYZ, Drew finds that his new inspiration was just a fluke. He still can't write.

Drew believes, in his drug addled mind, the only way to follow through is to kill again. He becomes fixated on a young single mother whom he sees along the Truckee river one day. For a moment, he does not act upon his urges. Instead, he stalks her while trying to hold back the urge. Then Linda discovers his stash of heroin and overdoses. As the pressure mounts, he begins to break. He confesses to his best friend, Fred, that he killed the prostitute in the Sands Casino. Fred angrily shows Drew out of his house with demands of never returning. Completely distraught, Drew lets his urge to kill take over and he brutal murders the single mother.

The next day, Drew writes another song. He believes it to be as good as "The Woman In White" but it is rudely rejected by both his agent and Jessie XYZ. His agent tells him XYZ doesn't want any more songs, leaving Drew without any prospects for the future.

Sometime within the next week, Drew and his drug dealer, Jerry, go to a house in Sparks, Nevada to pick up more heroin. Their deal is uneventful, but on the way home they are attacked by a pair of MS-13, who behead Jerry and chase Drew off into the night. Drew returns to his apartment and is immediately confronted by Linda. She is furious over their dealers death and his being completely empty handed. She grabs a baseball bat and demolishes Drew's prized piano. He then strangles her to death, his eyes ablaze with fire.

The next thing we see is Drew in a bar in west Texas. He is talking with a young woman, whom he convinces to go back to his hotel room. The next morning, Drew drives away in the woman's car while his truck is set ablaze in the parking lot.

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