Creator: Robert Tilem
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
A romantic comedy/coming-of-age story involving a female valedictorian, whose cynicism about this country’s future leads to bizarre stunts and a secretive go-for-broke night life. Please think “THE GRADUATE”, but from a female perspective.
Synopsis: KAREN KUNERT is a mysteriously unhappy, restless and introverted 21-year-old college valedictorian. Mysterious because Karen seemingly has it all -- looks, brains, a new corporate banking job and a successful fiancé. But for this studious overachiever, something is missing... she just doesn’t know what. And when her father points out how organized Karen’s life is, that she has everything “all mapped out” over the next forty years, Karen’s only response is to pop another Prozac.
Karen’s usual robotic self is suddenly awakened by the impending death of her beloved grandmother, who begs Karen not to take the same route she did: repression, playing it safe, doing the ‘right thing’ just to please others. As per her request, Karen reads Grandma’s brutally honest and tasteless confessional at the funeral. The mourners are stunned... but ticking time bomb Karen is elated!
Yes, it turns out our heroine digs the limelight and performing wild, antisocial acts in public. Thus begins an outrageous journey of self-discovery, as oat-sowing Karen indulges in her first love triangle and a series of bizarre, immature stunts that eventually lead to a newfound maturity, a healthier perspective on life... and ultimate happiness. Danger lurks at every turn -- her parents want to disown her, the fiancé wants to dump her, the boss wants to fire her, there’s even a stint in jail -- but none of it takes precedence over the fact that KAREN FEELS ALIVE!!!!!
A comedy/drama in the vein of THE GRADUATE, word-of-mouth and the college crowd will prompt “ALL YOU CAN EAT” to swallow up box office receipts. And moviegoers 17 thru 25, especially females, will have found their voice.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Robert's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    An introverted and melancholy young woman sows her wild oats with a series of immature and anti-establishment stunts, thus emerging as a slightly happier person – while still realizing the world is pretty much doomed.

    See depressed Karen act mature and responsible.
    See exhilarated Karen rebel against society.
    See well-adjusted Karen grow bored with rebellion and fade back into conformity.