Creator: John Votto
Age rating: 17 and older
With the help of Zeus, a Greek warrior and his men embark on a journey of righteous vengeance while facing danger and death as they struggle to defeat their corrupt and deadly ruler.
Synopsis: A gathering of the Olympians takes place on Mt Olympus. There is a war about to explode between man and the gods. Each of the Olympians express their disdain for the mortals, especially about King Lycaon. Zeus decides to come down from Mt Olympus, disguised as a mortal to acclimate himself amongst the humans, so he can bare witness at the catastrophe that is mankind and the barbaric King Lycaon. Red Moon is set in the Ancient Greek city of Arcadia. Alexander, Leon, Ares, Ambrose, and Theron, blessed with incomparable strength and skills, went through vigorous trainings sessions that were taught by their fathers, lead their Greek forces into battle and emerge victorious against the Mycenaeans in the 15th century BC ending the war and stopping the Mycenaeans attempt at conquering Arcadia. The five warriors live to fight, but refuse to associate themselves with Lycaon instead to seek their own destiny with the gods and to be reunited with their families.

King Lycaon is the savage tyrant who rules Arcadia with an iron fist. The Arcadians continue to live under Lycaon's cruel laws. Lycaon and his sons curse the stubborn nature of the fiercest warrior Greece has ever seen. Lycaon has conquered many nations but desires to conquer the Greek kingdoms, to have them under his rule and add them to his collection of ever growing conquests. Alexander and his army return to Arcadia and are greeted warmly by fellow Arcadians. A celebration ensues. Lycaon asks Alexander for his loyalty, which Alexander refuses and tells Lycaon he's returning home. There, tensions arise, and Lycaon orders his Arcadian guards to execute Alexander, his friends, and his soldiers. A revolt arises as they escape their execution by annihilating Lycaon's soldiers.

As Alexander and his friends pray in the Temple of Zeus,Lycaon and his soldiers burst into the temple. Hostility arises, and Lycaon commands his soldiers to assassinate his foes. They eviscerate Lycaon's soldiers and leave the temple. Alexander and his friends vow that Lycaon will one day fall under their swords. Following his defeat, Lycaon is compelled to get vengeance. In retribution, Lycaon's sends his sons and his army to search then slaughter Alexander and his loved ones. As their exploits begin to spread, every Greek begins to fear for their lives. Zeus watches from the distance.

After years away at war, Alexander and his friends return home to their families. They spend picturesque moments together. Alexander intends on living as a farmer and avoiding involvement in the ongoing troubles with Lycaon. Lycaon sends forth his sons and Arcadian army to seek revenge on Alexander. They invade mainland Greece, raiding cities and villages, inflicting heavy casualties, and setting ablaze the remnants of their homes, while Zeus witnesses the carnage from the countryside. During their campaign, his sons found Alexander and his loved ones. Their families and the civilians go into hiding as Alexander leads his warriors through a series of successful battles against Lycaon's sons and Arcadian soldiers. Zeus decides to acclimate himself amongst the humans. Lycaon's sons arrive. There, animosity appears, as his sons speak about their humiliating defeat at the hands of Alexander and his warriors. Lycaon can't help, but be furious at his sons inability to defeat his enemy.

At a celebration, a stranger enters the village. A clamor has overcome the people. The people follow him en masse. The stranger begins to show signs that god is among them. Alexander and his friends confront this stranger. A tense moment, when suddenly the stranger transforms into Zeus. They are transfixed by the presence of their savior. Word began to spread across Greece that Zeus has arrived. Legions of Greeks arrived in abundance to see their savior. As the whispers spread, Lycaon begins to hear the hysteria surrounding Zeus' arrival in Arcadia. In response to the rumors about Zeus, he suggests that this stranger who claims he is a god might not be a god after all, that it is greatly fabricated. Afterwards he devises up a devious plan to see if he really is a god or a mortal. Lycaon will invite the stranger to a feast at his palace and at night he plans on killing the stranger while he sleeps with a knife.

The celebration continues. Zeus befriends Alexander. The two speak frequently about Alexander's abilities, accolades, and prominent stature within Arcadia. Zeus says that he will eradicate Lycaon and appoint the morally upstanding Alexander as the successor to the king of Arcadia. Alexander, longing to stay home with his family, contemplates Zeus's proposal, but declines the honor. Zeus accepts Lycaon's invitation. Zeus ventures through the dark, eerie surroundings of Lycaon's domain. Zeus arrives at Lycaon's palace and enters. He journeys through the nightmarish, sinister atmosphere of his ominous den of evil. His palace is filled with malevolent, supernatural presences. Zeus finds Lycaon. There, volatile tempers emerge. At night Lycaon immerses himself into his plan. Zeus stops him, the plan fails. Lycaon devises up with a second plan, which include various temptations. He implements his plans. Zeus resists. Once again they fail. Lycaon comes up with a third plan which is a fully cooked meal mixed in with the human flesh/entrails sacrifice. Zeus notices the meal. He is full of rage and transforms. Everyone is afraid, but Lycaon. As tension rises, Zeus destroys Lycaon's palace with his avenging thunderbolts. Pandaemonium ensues. As Lycaon, his disciples try to escape, Zeus blasts them with his lighting bolts. They flee to the open fields. Zeus eviscerates Arcadia. It's genocide. It's widespread destruction. Lycaon, his followers transform into powerful monstrous beasts called werewolves. Lycaon is the alpha. They immerse themselves within their new found powers and set out to conquer Greece. They set out to seek and destroy Alexander and his loved ones.

Lycaon, his beasts infiltrate the village, annihilating anything in their sight. Alexander and his friends do battle, killing an abundance of these creatures. In between the carnage, the savage beasts mutilate their families. The more the warriors slaughter, the more the beasts come in abundance, overpowering them. Lycaon destroys the warriors one by one and ends their lives. Lycaon and his beasts leave while the warriors lay there lifeless. Somehow Alexander gathers strength and begins to crawl over to his family, only to discover their decapitated corpses in the smoldering ruins of their home. A grieving Alexander succumbs to exhaustion and collapses to the ground. He awakens and finds Zeus standing over him. There, aggression surfaces when Zeus says that he was the one who turned Lycaon and his people into those beasts. He says Lycaon took his curse as a gift and now uses his supreme powers to conquer Greece. He says to Alexander that he can bring his friends back to life and give them immense powers to defeat Lycaon and his army of beasts. Alexander is intrigued and agrees with Zeus. Zeus brings them back to life and immediately transforms them into otherworldly, powerful beasts. They venture out to search for Lycaon.

Lycaon and his army begin their conquest of Greece by obliterating states, cities, villages, slaughtering all Greeks, destroying civilization, etc. Pandemonium ensues. Lycaon's creatures decapitate all Greek soldiers as his army of beasts expands. Alexander, his warriors are journeying through Greece in pursuit of Lycaon and his army. They eradicate Lycaon's beasts throughout the excursion. The fall of Greece has turned into a calamity, an apocalyptic setting. Lycaon has found a new kingdom to reign over. Alexander and his friends can sense they are getting closer. They finally find Lycaon. They penetrate through his entire palace, eviscerating his beasts. They confront Lycaon. A battle of epic proportions commences between these superlative forces.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - John's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A collaboration of genres involving action, historical, period, supernatural and horror cinema. Inspired by the mythology of Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology and legends. It is highly ambitious and an interesting blend of myth and history. An engaging story crafted out of the legend of King Lycaon. Greek Gods, heroes, villains, mystical creatures, warfare and family resonate throughout the story.