Back in Black

A man can talk to himself in the past with a cellphone. As every tiny piece of information he sends back to his past self creates a new present. Therefore he is able to witneness infinite posibilities for his life.
Callisto Black, a very talented and successful chemist, arrives at his sprawling hacienda, after waking up from 5 years in a deep coma remembering nothing!

In the Hacienda his doting family – gorgeous wife Sasha, beautiful daughter Alix (13), and youngest son Kim (5)
– and employees, a limped Adriana and her husband Joaquin (a mute), await him. His sullen son Morrissey (12) only watches from the window.

It’s Morrissey’s birthday, and the family waits on Black to join them. He gives Morrissey a gold Rolex, but all Morrissey wants is an operation; he’s confined to a wheelchair and seems angry with his father. Black realizes he caused that impairment in an accident provoked by him. Feeling guilty all Black wants is his son to walk.

While Black tries to make any sense of what happened in the past, who he was, or how he got in a coma in the first place, a Mysterious Male Voice calls him asking for a chemical compound; a compound Black has no idea about.

Black starts updating in his studio about his old professional life when he finds in his computer a telephone number. He dials the phone number only to find that he’s speaking to himself in another time line!

Black flips out. He thinks this is some kind of side effect happening inside his head, yet he gets a grip and starts trying to get the pieces together as he thinks that solving what is happening might get his son out of his wheelchair.

Sasha notices Black is acting funny, but he says he’s fine. He interrogates Latino sexy Pearl (30), his cook and Adriana and Joaquin's daughter, what the phone number means to her. She points out that it is in fact Black’s own cell phone number before the coma happened.

Black calls the number again to ask who owns it now.

We see Black (Past) driving with Alix, now 5 years younger in a convertible. Black (Past) answers the phone and thinks someone is playing a prank on him. He quizzes Black about their life. Frustrated, Black (Past) hangs up and speeds home to the hacienda, which is in shambles. They’re extremely late to Morrissey’s birthday party (five years before), and Sasha is livid. She tells him to stop bullshiting and that he needs to get some help. He seems to have a handful of problems, irresponsibility being a major one.

At the boy’s party, a younger Morrissey can still walk, Joaquin can talk and Adriana’s limp is gone too.

In the present...

Black calls Black (Past), who is in the garden, but Black cannot see anybody. He hangs up trying to understand what is happening, and how this whole thing works.

The plot thickens when Black notices that after every time he and Black (Past) talk on the phone things change and the present is being altered. Objects start moving around his studio when he’s not looking – furniture, books, pens, the painting on the wall, etc. However, every time he asks Sasha about it she insists she hasn’t seen anything out of place.

The mysterious Male Voice calls him again and says he can help him make Morrissey to walk if he delivers the compound. He had it once in the past. He just needs to remember it.

In the past...

An angry Black (Past) demands Black the compound too. He doesn’t believe Black when he says he doesn’t have it and Black tries to explain he doesn’t remember anything. Black (Past) losses control and gets more and more aggressive. Black starts to realize how negatively opposite he was five years before from the person he his now.

A blackmailing manipulative Black (past) realizes the potential damage he can cause Black from the present and takes a radial action that takes Black to a point of no return.

In the present...

Sweet, wholesome Alix is suddenly a “Goth” dysfunctional “Emo”. Black’s fundamentals like religion are changed, etc. Black needs to restore order (in any kind of order that his present better had).

Sasha doesn’t believe him or any of what she feels is complete nonsense and gets worried. She calls Dr. Wine. (The Doctor that took care of Black and Sasha all the way through the coma.) A worried Dr. Wine and a medical staff try to capture Black all through the hacienda in order to keep the family away from another accident. While on the run from the doctor and his staff Black starts to learn a lot about himself. However, as he keeps sending new information to his past self through the phone calls a third time line gets created.

In the past...

Black (Past) throws a huge rave at the defaced Hacienda testing new compounds, and exposing Younger Alix to things like sex and drugs at very young age (causing Alix's fundamentals to radically change in the new present).

He openly flirts with the ravers and has an affair with Pearl, then cruelly tells Sasha about it to drive her away as a measure to extort Black in the present to get the compound he needs.

During that period he does all kind of crazy things, like buying a carriage pulled by horses for recreation.

In the present...

Black can no longer find his wife and is told she’s been gone for years. Younger baby Kim disappears, too, having never been born.

Black discovers a narrow tunnel that leads to a chamber where all his past was hidden. Chemicals, old videos, photos, film footage and press clippings of his glorious, but decadent chemical celebrity. He discovers the newspapers that narrate the accident that took him into the coma.

His past has been released as some of the chemicals in the chamber. This causes an explosion that kills Dr. Whine and his crew. Black emerges from the ashes reborn with all this new information.

While in past...

Black (Past) under a cocktail of experimental chemicals He rides the carriage full gallop not knowing the kids are stowed away in the back.
Black calls Black (past) and plays mind games with him to delay the accident. Black (Past) reacts and threatens to test a dangerous pill “Black’s Pearl” that could very well kill him if he doesn’t give him the damn formula.

Younger Adriana tries to warn Black (Past) that the kids are riding in the back when she damages her foot, causing the limp.

Once Black (Past) gets to a fork in the road, Black pulls a last mind game. Nevertheless, the carriage violently crashes. Just before a tree falls on Morrissey, Black (Past) throws himself in its path, putting himself in harm's way to ensure his son’s safety. Joaquin witnesses this becoming mute by trauma.

In the present...

Black hangs up the phone. His family arrives to the place where Black re-lives the moment of the accident that lead to the coma and the damaged family aftermath – just like they were at the beginning of the story. Sasha and Kim are back; Alix is wholesome again.

Black checks if his plan of fooling himself in the past worked. It did! Morrissey can walk! Black tries to greet his family, but finds he cannot stand. Now, he’s the one who is in a wheelchair. Seeing how happy everyone is he wouldn’t have it any other way. Black finally becomes responsible for his actions.

Last Phone call... last twist…

Black tells the Male Voice there is no compound. The person behind the Mystery voice is finally revealed: is Black at 60 years of age, and the compound is the tool for them to talk to themselves at different time periods.

In this fourth time line future old Black and Sasha squeeze their last days playing with the phone calls, trying as many different possibilities of existence. Reliving and correcting their mistakes they did in the past.

The End.

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