"Be Yourself" w/Mitch

Creator: Mitchell Saft
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Basically Anderson Cooper meets Larry David meets Wayne's World. Or maybe Chris Matthews meets Howard Stern. Feel stream of consciousness reality based humor would be well received in this day and age of uncertainty.
Synopsis: Dear Development/Casting:

Pasting 3 video samples from serious to sublime to give you an idea of the format. Sadly insufficient funds to produce professional studio pilot. Webcam quality sans teleprompter but hopefully you'll get gist.

Realize I'm unknown and over the hill to host at 59 (isn't that the new 79?) so if you like the concept be happy to be one of the writers. Hashtag No job too small.

Thanx again for the opportunity.

Take Care,
Mitch from Philly

"Be Yourself" 30 Minute Format

We open each show in living room setting, shot in b/w or sepia tone with music heard faintly in the background. With thought provoking humor, talking to guests and viewers at home like we've known each other 20 years, best friends sitting at the neighborhood bar.

And ordering in the guests favorite take-out (the show could also be called "Mitch Bytes" or "Take-Out Mitch" which would have several meanings on many different levels) to give it more of a conversational approach/appeal.

Asking serious questions on sensitive issues such as war, politics, racism, gay/lesbian issues, yadda. But also silly ones like shelled pistachio nuts. After all, who really shells them?

And viewers would have the opportunity to skype/tweet/call-in and speak to guests with unique innovations for talk format such as:

Pre-Written Scrolling Comedic Dialogue
Mirror/Camera Technical Approaches
"Sundance" Quality Viewer Film Contests
Sponsor Pop-in PR Visits
Optional Commercial Break Signs
Taping During Commercial Breaks
Continuous Streaming on Web




Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Late Night Talk Show
    Creative Notes:
    Please note I am pasting sample videos in "Synopsis" since they were made several years ago on a now defunct computer. And I can't upload them if that makes any sense. Will upload recent video not exactly what the show is about but you will get a gist of my humor. Living one step above homeless man these days so um...yeah.