You can't always get what you want.

Age rating: 17 and older
What if rejections are the way to your goal. What if our personal drama and conflicts recorded in our electronic screens were only the entertainment viewed in some higher else's devises.

Synopsis: The story is about young men (20) that in the pursuit of the job of his dreams crashes with a Big psychological wall.

That wall can only be crashed with the help and supervision of a brilliant psychiatrist that knows the forgotten past of the dude.

The Dude that is more than a celebrity on instagram and social media because of his polyamory statement and life style, than his amazing visual skills, needs to solve what happened to him in the past and how it happened in order to make his dream job come true.

Only to discover he is just a Glitch in a simulated world created by some higher intelligense created for a cell phone screen entertainment in a bigger dimension.

“You can’t always get what you want” is a 2018, 90 minute video for OTT and Cinema to be shot and narrated through the inward and outward connections inside the realm of electronic devices. A story of a story that happens inside the screens. A reality trapped inside the screen of all devices hitting the boundaries creating the ultimate question. Inside whose screen device are we trapped in? Whose entertainment is our personal drama? For that matter we carefully crafted a screenplay to be shot and narrated upon the devices themselves. The devices are a portal and passage that will bring us in the Tinder, The Uber, The facebooks, The face-times, instagram, cctv, where the characters live in the world we exist and experience in 2018.
Cellphones are used, tablets, computers, devises and gadgets are both the setting and the narrators of the story but also as characters themselves to narrate this complex story.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - ( The pretty face of rejection)
    Creative Notes:
    This is the teaser (Or the Hook) or first scene of the movie narrated only through electronic devices (phone cameras, tablets, computers, face time, etc.) The story goes in and out of the lives of the characters through the images posted in their social networks and the images created and viewed in our dayly life´s screens.