The Prix-Historic Games

Creator: Mark Swaine
Age rating: 17 and older
Two estranged sisters compete in a lethal tournament in the Triassic period via a tear in the fabric of space and time, one sister is an Extreme Sports Athlete, the other is a Law Enforcement Agent tasked with bringing the eccentric organiser of the event down.
Synopsis: The Prix-Historic Games


In the near future, an eccentric billionaire genius and Extreme Sports Enthusiast called Elain, discovers how to create portals to prehistoric times at various points around the world. There she plans to stage a series of life and death challenges whereupon the winner will receive One Billion dollars.

One woman, Hannah, a former famous Extreme Sports Athlete, promises her nephew who’s been diagnosed with a rare disease she’ll find a way to pay for his treatment, treatment neither she or her sister can afford. Hannah enters the illegal tournament with the intention of winning the prize money, little does she know, her sister Dawn, a Law Enforcement officer, has been tasked with the duty of going undercover and exposing and bringing down the illicit tournament. Adamant to raise the money for her son by legal means only, Dawn discovers Hannah is a competitor at the tournament, and is torn between her loyalty to her family, and her responsibility to her duties of bringing down the elusive Elain, and the criminals taking part in the competition.

During the series of life threatening tournaments, the two sisters learn they're only way of surviving is to ultimately put aside their differences and work together. Saboteurs, mercenaries, former legendary athletes and disgraced athletes compete against one another for the grand prize, even if it costs them their lives.

In the end, all is not as it seems as the unstable prehistoric region begins to deteriorate due to the active super volcano due to erupt at any time. Escapees jump through the time rip and mistakenly believe themselves at home.

Below are a few examples of the various challenges the competitors face:

Pterodactyl Panic: Paragliding, wing suit off a mountain between a deep chasm and cave formation whilst being chased by Pterodactyls in an electrical storm.
A free running obstacle race to outrun Raptors through a Jungle.
T-Rex Outrun is a race between sprinters and a T-Tex.
Surfing amongst Sharks and Plesiosaur.
Players must navigate a course through a labyrinth of giant underwater caverns and locate the exit, using only one tank of 'spare air', and minimal light, unless they want to be seen by a one hundred foot squid that resides there.
Dune buggy racing to outrun giant scorpions and Trap Door Style Spiders in a desert area.
Sand yachting race against giant crabs.
Dirt bike race across a plane of geysers whilst trying to outrun an earthquake.
Dirt bike race through a Jungle of giant fly traps, giant Mantids, giant ants and various other man eating plants that fire poisonous barbs and have tentacle vines.
Destruction Derby style competition with armoured cars vs Stegosaurus and Triceratops.
A battle to the finish line on armoured swamp boats with large insects and giant crocodiles attacking them.
Piranha Peril, swing across the river of rapids using the stepping stones and vines.
An all out race through canyon terrain during an Asteroid shower.
Volcano Panic downhill lava race.
Web Scramble, ascend the web and avoid the giant spider.

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