Creator: Robert Tilem
Age rating: 17 and older
An amazingly topical (and controversial) cautionary tale about overpopulation and environmental decay. Futuristic science fiction (with elements of dark comedy and even darker satire), "RESEDA GARDENS" is a much-needed SOYLENT GREEN for the 21st Century.
Synopsis: “Reseda Gardens” is a cautionary science fiction tale set in a futuristic and corrupt San Fernando Valley. We find that out-of-control and unchecked population growth, water shortages and environmental decay have created a virtual hell-on-earth, a stifling society where only the Catholic Church and a select few wealthy opportunists control what is left of this deteriorating civilization.

The nightmare centers around Matt Cage, a young man only slightly “better off” than most. Employed at the local baby food factory, Matt is one of the lucky few with a separate apartment for wife CHRISTINA and himself. Most others are on the street, hungry, thirsty, unemployed, making do with what little the overburdened government can supply. Our protagonist also has an uncle (FRANK CAGE) on the police force, and it is racist and hard-bitten Officer Frank who has raised Matt since the boy’s irresponsible parents bolted from the scene decades ago.

Matt’s frustrations with this regimented and limiting world are soon dwarfed by anguish, as he witnesses a political assassination and is seduced by a rich and beautiful gubernatorial aide (VERONICA BRIDGES). Complications arise when Christina reveals to the horrified Matt that she is pregnant... with abortions illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Uncle Frank does everything he can to help Matt escape his tragic surroundings, ditch Christina and move out of “Reseda Gardens” with Veronica... until the officer finds out just a little more than he should have about the assassination. Matt, now on his own, is then forced to make the ultimate decision between undeserved, guilty pleasures -- or turning his back on good fortune and facing up to some very painful responsibilities.

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