The Game 1.0

Creator: Mark Saggia
Age rating: Everyone
3 Nerds who use a new kind of virtual reality to create a new game. The game is all around you, you can create and kill a lot of things. The problem is that they realize to created a new kind of life. not atoms, but programming code, immortal and very very angry.
Synopsis: 3 friends are unsatisfied of they job in a videogame company.
Matthew, the protagonist, build little game since he was a little boy. He have a dream, create a videogame based in a fantastic world named Gratmar, here the friend of his youth, Eigor, an elf, his only friend of youth.
After a night based on a Matrix marathon, alcool and pizza, they supposed that is possible to create a game like Matrix. The code is all around you! and if you can do this, you can do everything.
So they realize a pre beta of what they thinked, and they realize something incredible, they create a lightsaber on code in center of the room. How is possible?
All seems to be good, they try to create a Teletubbies to kill, and they made it! Is incredible! a videogame who you are real on it! They don't know in that time, that all the creatures they'll create, are not only a game characters, but are real creatures. Creatures not made by atoms... and this creatures are very angry, immortal and start to destroy everything.

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