Creator: Jackie Hayes
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
Trapped, cut off, and mercilessly hunted by both mother nature and the dead.
Synopsis: Title: Irma

Logline: Trapped, cut off, and mercilessly hunted by both mother nature and the dead.

Hayley, along with her two friends, Vicki and Phoebe, are backpacking through the Caribbean. They take part in a range extreme sport activities as they island hop. During their time on Jamaica they hear about an extremely dangerous and rapidly intensifying hurricane approaching the islands. Vicki is quick to write it off as media hype, saying how the news always blows up stories like that, encouraging the others to simply enjoy their vacation. As they are looking for something to do as many attractions are closed due to the approaching storm, they hear about a cursed Jamaican plantation house, said to be haunted by the previous owner, a wicked soulless woman, Irma, well versed in the dark ways of voodoo.

Hayley and her friends, along with a group of guys they meet, decide to visit the planation house, located on a small island a few miles off the mainland. There, they are met with their mysterious tour guide, Rose. She leads them through the house and tells them about its history, along with the tale of Irma's wicked life and demise.

After her husband's death, Irma took ownership of the planation along with the couple's slaves in the late 1700's. She let her cruel malice rain down on her slaves. She tortured and even killed many for the most minor infractions. She forced her handmaiden Bridgette to teach her the ways of voodoo. After learning the craft she attempted some of the most forbidden rituals, including raising the dead and immortality. She had a malicious way about her. Always one step ahead she would say. One night those Irma tormented revolted and freed themselves from her torture dungeon. They stormed the house with the very weapons she tortured them with, hungry for revenge. They hung her handmaiden out the second story window and slit Irma's throat in her own bed. Killing her, or so they thought. They concealed her body away from the world, sealing the evil within her in a tomb, hidden on the island, never to be opened.

During the tour, Hayley and her group of friends come across one of the many secret hidden passageways in the house. Sneaking away from the tour group, they go exploring in the underground hidden slave tunnels, a labyrinth of catacombs. Down below, they find Irma's tomb. One of the men in the group, Luke, cracks it open. They return top side to find the boat that they took to the island is gone, having left without them. They are trapped, cut off on the small island with the hurricane nearly arriving. The intense wind and jetting rain from the monster storm force them to take refuge back in the house.

Rose remains overly calm, clearly hiding something. They soon learn that opening Irma's tomb has unleashed something utterly horrifying, activating a terrible curse Irma placed over the land. The former slaves of the planation begin to rise from their graves from the nearby cemetery. They are now terrifying zombified versions of their former selves, forced to do Irma's bidding. The group fights to survive the hurricane as well as the dead as they are relentlessly perused and picked off by both.

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