Rapture Island

Creator: Jackie Hayes
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
Evil loves to disguise itself, especially in the innocent.
Synopsis: Rapture Island, a picturesque amusement parks of the fifties, uniquely situated on a small island until a horrific fire overtook the park claiming many lives including eight children who tragically died on the park’s carousel in the inferno. Years later it has become a hot spot for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the ghosts who now inhabit the park. Christy and a group of her friends take a trip to the park along with her little sister, Jessie. Soon after they return home, Jessie as well as the other kids in the neighborhood take on a malevolent manor as they begin to lash out and attack people. These violent acts soon turn deadly as they commit murder. Jessie’s personality is stripped away as she herself becomes spine chilling as she terrorizes Christy. Jessie sinks further and further into possession. Christy must work fast to stop the ghosts before their evil spreads and they take up permanent residence in the children they are possessing and Christy loses her sister forever.

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