D.P.D. Echo 1

Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Review in concert with the screenplay that was previously submitted on the same date for the series titled D.P.D. Echo 1
Synopsis: Episode 1 & 2: Left for Dead and No Survivors.

Former Marine-turned-Detroit Policeman JOE KELLER walks proudly down the street in uniform and enters City Hall where a panel of CITY COUCIL MEMBERS reveal that Joe and his partner have garnered a lot of attention lately and that they intend to hold hearings to some end...fade out...

Joe awakens at home to his sons ZAKK (4), JOEY (8), and TOMMY (6) and the four playfully wrestle on the bed. It’s clear that Joe is a loving and devoted father. Afterward, he carries his heavily scarred body into the shower and after getting cleaned up, heads downstairs to grab the mail. There he learns that he’s received a scholarship to continue his paramedic training, which he recounts to his nurse wife NICOLE who has just returned home from work.
After coaching hockey, Joe heads to the police department where he pulls a prank on his partner KEVIN.

SGT. BILBREY gives the men their rundown for the evening and tells them to be careful. The duo grabs their guns and medical kits and hop into their car before heading out into the night. Kevin reveals that his wife is pregnant and shares his concerns that he’ll need to pull in some overtime to pay for added expenses.

Back at the hearing, it’s revealed that Joe and Kevin have been chosen as part of a pilot program involving police officers who also carry out paramedic duties and that the City Council members are questioning Joe to see if they should earmark more money for the program. Joe explains what a typical night is like for him...

Joe and Kevin descend upon a horrible car accident where they find one victim dead on arrival with their brains splattered everywhere. The men then use their skills to save the lives’ of a mother and her young child. After returning to the department for a brief stint, they head back out and stop by an alley to chat with their friends MARK and KRIS who are a couple of bartending, medical dope-smokers. Afterward, Joe is a bit curious as to how someone could be so un-ambitious.

Back at the hearing, COUNCIL MEMBER #5 calls into question some of Joe’s conduct on a specific incident. Joe recounts the event whereby he and Kevin are called to the scene where a DARK MAN is fleeing after having shot a VICTIM in the leg. Joe and Kevin flee after the suspect but he gets away. Unfortunately, when they return, they find the victim has died from his injuries – having bled out of his femoral artery. Joe feels bad they couldn’t save the victim but feels confident that he made the right decision because the flip side to that could’ve found Kevin alone and becoming a victim himself. The Council seems satisfied with Joe’s account of the events...

Later, Joe recounts how he and Kevin are called to the scene of a store parking lot where a sweaty PSYCHOTIC MAN on drugs is having hallucinations and turning violent. They apprehend him but suffer several wounds and head to the VA hospital to get checked out and stitched up. There, Joe is confronted by an ELDERLY WOMAN who appears to have dementia and confuses Joe with her son Jimmy who seems to have died in the line of duty. Joe pretends to be Jimmy and gives her comforting words.

Later, Joe and Kevin head to a diner to eat. There, Joe observes a man staring at him and becomes concerned. As the man approaches, Joe and Kevin pull out their guns and keep them concealed under the table.

Thankfully however the man, NICK, wants to thank Joe because he recognizes him as having saved his son, which Joe cut out of the deceased mother who had died in a tragic car accident. Nick buys their meal.

Afterward, Joe and Kevin run down a couple punks driving erratically in a 4x4 and discover that they have stacks of cash totaling 50k. The punks are arrested and Joe drives Kevin to take a piss at a local convenience store. Inside the restroom, Kevin finds a FEMALE JUNKIE who’s overdosed. Joe awakens her with drugs but the woman flees into the night. Sadly, she’s left her two children in the men’s room next-door eating Twinkies.

Back at the hearing, Joe adequately explains some discrepancies with the acquisition forms that don’t account for some of their equipment. The Council Members accept his answer and seem to admire the effectiveness of the program....

Back doing their rounds, Joe and Kevin get called to a domestic disturbance where they find a MAN beating his WIFE. The man soon grabs her and holds her hostage while Joe and Kevin train their guns on him. Unfortunately, the man stabs the woman several times in the chest and Joe and Kevin take him out with head shots. They then work diligently to save the woman’s life. An ambulance takes the woman to the hospital and Joe and Kevin learn that they’ll be forced to go on leave for five weeks pending an investigation into the shooting. Regardless, Joe blows off some steam by riding through the night on his Harley Davidson.
During their suspension, both Joe and Kevin spend the time vacationing with their families. When they return, they’re both given citations for valor and reinstated.

During the hearing, Joe sees many of the faces of the people he’s saved and thinks back about how Kevin named him and Nicole, his newborn’s God Parents.

Joe makes a plea to the Council Members for the police-paramedic program to continue.
Unfortunately, Joe eventually reveals that Kevin entered a burning building trying to save some children and tragically never came out. Kevin’s wife dies of cancer five years later and Joe raises Kevin’s son as his own. The program is granted more funding and Joe is put in charge of it. Joe goes on to command nearly 400 police-officer paramedics over the next 20 years. His son Zakk and Kevin, Jr. both become proud police officer paramedics just like their fathers did.

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  • Video 1 - Left for Dead/No Survivors
    Creative Notes:
    This video and synopsis should be reviewed in concert with the full screenplay that was submitted as a series via your submission webpage on Feb. 26, 2018, titled D.P.D. Echo 1. It is our intention to film this as a series.