Creator: Byron Snyder
Age rating: Everyone
This is a story about a new Native American super hero, Nightingale who's only vulnerable to weapons made from gold. Set in the city of Tres Montanas and in the three mountains that surround it, a sassy young Detective has her hands full when Nightingale appears on scene.
Synopsis: One evening, suspicious activity draws Detective Grace Banyon to the Tres Montanas Museum. An unseen hero is also watching the activity from the shadows. When Grace discovers an elaborate gold heist led by wise guy, Jack Bearfoot, she jumps into action only to be injured in the process. The mysterious shadow saves her from certain death at the same time thwarting the heist. Jack Bearfoot, swears revenge and sets a trap for this mysterious unseen shadow. Meanwhile, Grace who is recovering from a magically cured gunshot wound is targeted for her possible participation in the heist by Internal Affairs’ Detective Robert White.

While on restricted duty to keep her in check, she is assigned to locate and discover who the unknown mysterious hero is. As she investigates his identity she discovers that he represents an old Indian legend, The Nightingale. Chasing down a lead she is led into the hands of Jack Bearfoot and becomes bait for the trap. In an abandon foundry where Jack melted what little gold his gang pilfered into fake gold bars, Grace witness an unbelievable fight between her hero and Jack. At the conclusion of the battle between the two men, Jack escapes and disappears into the night. Her large indestructible muscular hero wounded by a hot molten gold covered poke, also disappears into the shadows. The masked warrior hiding in the shadows secretly morphs back to his origin mortal self after he takes off the mask. It is the mask that transforms him into Nightingale. Yet his identity is still a secret to all.

In her pursuit for her hero’s identity Grace goes to the Squakkee Indian Reservation to speak to Chief Red Bird. She learns from the elder Red Bird that Nightingale wears the mask of the great spirits. The earth, wind, fire, and water guide him. The hawk, lion, and bear walk beside him. He is sacred medicine man and mighty warrior. He protects the land and its people from evil. He is considered by many to be the savior of the Indian nation. As legend tells, the mask of Nightingale is a symbol of strength and power to protect the people of the Squakkee Valley. She also discovers that he can only be harmed by weapons made from gold.

She also learns more about Jack Barefoot. Jack was the son of a murdered Indian wise guy who controlled most of the illegal businesses in and around city and reservation. Jack went in to exile after his father’s death and has now returnrd to follow in his father’s footsteps. Though Jack motives are not well-known, Grace learns that Jack plans to sit on the tribal council by financing a casino on the reservation.

But now Jack’s obsession with Nightingale turns into his belief that he needs to possess the mask and become a new and powerful evil Nightingale. He knows from the legend that the only way he can possess the power of the mask is by killing the Nightingale using gold tipped weapons.

Grace realizes that Jack is also planning an elaborate scheme to rob the Treasury Department’s shipment of gold to Fort Knox. She believes Jack is planning to secretly swap the real gold bars with the fake ones. Unfortunately when the police set up protection for the gold when it arrives in heavily guarded trucks at the depository, it is discovered the swap had already taking place. In fact it never left the original shipping container which is still on the train and Jack is about to spring another deadly trap for Nightingale.
Grace rushes to help her hero before the train reaches the Tres Montanas’ Bridge which is booby trapped if the mask avenger shows up. As Jack predicted, Nightingale appears on the train but is unexpectedly met by a barrage gold-tipped weapons that leaves him injured. Unfortunately for Jack, he was unable to finish the masked legend due to a fire on the train. Yet according to his plan, Jack and his cargo of gold is separated from the rest of the train and rerouted to an abandon section of track. Jack watches from a distance as Grace shows up in a helicopter and plucks the wounded hero from his certain death.

Yet the wounded Nightingale manages to disappear once more. His trusted steed takes the wounded warrior to his hidden sanctuary high in the mountains. There he is unexpectedly greeted by his grandfather, Chief Red Bird. While treating Nightingale wounds with sacred water, Chief Red Bird reveals a secret. Chief Red Bird’s daughter who is Nightingale’s mother and his white father were killed by Chief Red Bird’s son, Yellow Bird, who is Jack’s father. To stop his reign of terror Chief Red Bird was the one how murdered his only son, Yellow Bird. He also reveals that the mask’s power can only be passed down through the family bloodline. Since Jack is of the family bloodline he can surely use the mask for his evil doings if he can take the mask from Nightingale.

Grace returns to Police Headquarters that she has been cleared and can return to duty. A young newspaper report, Paul Redstreak calls Grace to inform her that he has important information about Jack and the Museum heist so they set up a meeting at Tom’s Truck Stop on the edge of the city. When Grace arrives Paul tells her that he has discovered that her boss, Captain McElroy is the mole in the department and is working with Jack. Paul also tells her that Jack has been secretly buying up the surrounding property next to the Reservation where the casino will be built. Grace realizes if Jack pulls off his plans he could end up a very rich man. Paul also has discovered that Jack will be moving the gold through the mountain forest in a couple of days.

There meeting is cut short with Jack and his men showing up to capture Grace. Fortunately a large truck barrels through the attempted kidnapping and Grace escapes. Unfortunately Paul is shot and left for dead. A chase ensues through the National Monument Park as Jack’s men go after Grace. In the shadows, her hero watches as Grace thwarts each of Jack’s Henchmen one after the other. He appears to her as the last thug goes down and she is proud, yet a little upset that he did not raise a hand to help her. He takes her by the hand and convinces her that she did fine.

The next morning Grace wakens to a small smoldering campfire. She hears a noise and discovers Nightingale with an armful of tinder. He places the tinder on the smoldering ashes. He waves his hands above wood which magically bursts in to nice fire. She tells him about what she learned about the movement of gold near the mountain lake. Together they plan to stop Jack, but first she needs to take care of something back at headquarters.
Grace meets with Inspector White together set a small trap to snare her Captain in a lie and arrest him for leaking information to Jack. She then heads out to meet Nightingale and capture Jack with the gold. An exciting high action chase through the snowy mountains leads to a showdown with Nightingale and Grace facing off with Jack and his men. Nightingale magically forces an avalanche which staves off the confrontation. Nightingale saves Grace from the avalanche by shoving her in a large sewer pipe. Yet everyone and everything is covered with the avalanche snow. After Nightingale returns and pulls Grace to safety, he disappear as the police arrive. Yet when police uncover the trucks filled with gold, it is discovered that the gold they were chasing was never there. Instead on the other side of the city the gold is exchanged for the money. All that is left is Jack’s lifeless arm sticking out of the snow. Suddenly sign of life show as the hand begins to move.
The film ends with previews of the next chapter of Nightingale. The true identity of Nightingale is still a mystery but everyone is lead to believe that his true identity is revealed in the next chapter.

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