For film series--The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. I SAVED IN PARIS!

Creator: Donnalyn Vojta
Age rating: 17 and older
If you enjoy thrillers riddled with suspense and served with a side of romance and a dash of comedy, this one's for you! The unexpected narrators create a completely fresh form of entertainment style for the film market. SORRY for the amateur video. I'm only a writer!
Synopsis: NOTE: Soon-to-be titled HOPE IN PARIS! In first volume of the extraordinarily unique suspense series (for ages 16+), unexpected, sweet narrators tell how a young educated Chicago woman, Kelly Donovan, must escape from her luxurious home to get away from her sociopath boyfriend, Mark Flannery, before he takes her to a woodsy cabin for a little “anniversary get-way.” She must plot, lie, and pretend to be happy before she can flee her relationship and her own home, alive. Not only must she get out of their home undetected by Mark and his hired minions, but also onto an airplane to "disappear" in order to be forever safe.

Unforeseen obstacles, like schedule changes and spies, frustrate Kelly's efforts to escape, and her family and friends, some strangers to one other, must perfectly work together to help her live a life free from threat. The diverse group includes an insecure drama teacher, a brilliant pharmaceutical engineer, and an international businesswoman with a secret that comes in very handy at one critical point.

This story is uniquely narrated by inanimate household teddy bears, which, notwithstanding their immobility, have interesting thoughts and perspectives on the shocking events and intriguing relationships which form before their plastic eyes. These plush bears also get a healthy dose of an entertaining blooming romance when Kelly’s plight takes everyone overseas to Paris. While in France, more scheming, racing to stay steps ahead of Mark, and even physical violence ensue – violence which does not always involve a damsel in distress. To complicate matters further, some of the characters are not necessarily what, or who, they seem. With the assistance and even comic relief of some minor characters, Kelly's mission to find peace is in arm's reach. Once the plot’s feverish pace decelerates, the group starts to feel some much-needed hope, but is the race really over? The genre-mixing and mind-bending narration style makes this story a sensational ride. Enjoy!

Feel free to check out the novel on which this film would be based--there are many reviews on Amazon and to give you a feel for what people love about this story, and why they find its uniqueness in the entertainment market to be so enjoyable and exciting!

Volume II CHLOE's CRUSADE! will launch this July (2018).

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Trailer for Saved in Paris!
    Creative Notes:
    As I am a writer and not a graphics/video producer, my video trailer is obviously amateur work, but I promise you that it summarizes the multi-faceted and exciting story line (without spoilers), and it explains the unexpected narration which those who have read the novel found to be highly entertaining and unique in the best terms possible. Images in the trailer are not mine, but for the drawings.