Creator: Alina Suleimen
Age rating: Everyone
These prolonged Parable inside the various Georgian, Irish, Turkish and English parables are opens an amazing world of paradoxical logic that are echoes to touching story of ADAM, victim of two wars.
Synopsis: By asking the question” Why does the world need war?”, this anti war drama reveals a lot of counterintuitive logics that could face the humanity with regard to wars and genocides and a lot of more. Based on some ancient parables, paradoxical prepositions and hope for common sense, this movie is a long and charming journey. I hope you will enjoy it.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Alina's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Story about ADAM, the victim of war, who goes via various adventures in order to deliver unidentified equipment to McClean, Virginia, as a special mission. During his adventures, he researching various cultures by occasional parables and finds the sense in his beginning.
    We are researching the essence of terrorism, wars, conflicts, sometimes via paradoxial logic.