Fearless Love

Creator: Joseph Burinskas
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Esteemed pediatric orthopedic surgeon Jessica Holman, and handsome police officer Dan Ryan finally get engaged, but their happiness is threatened when corrupt officers lure Jessica into Dan’s undercover case of forced child labor to make him take the fall for their crimes.
Synopsis: Thirty-somethings Dr. Jessica Holman, a successful and respected pediatric orthopedic surgeon, and Dan Ryan, a criminally handsome and naïve LAPD officer, are madly in love but haven’t taken the next step.

Then the fates intervene with a spate of bad luck. Jessica is turned down by a large practice despite her stellar credentials, while Dan is frustrated in his quest to become a detective and is only assigned low priority cases. Neither is getting anywhere, and they glumly decide to get engaged. After all, what have they got to lose?

That same night Dan realizes just how foolish he’s been. He rushes over to Jessica, gets her out of bed, and drives to the Griffith Park observatory overlook. Almost poetically—which convinces Jessica he must be drunk—he tells her how much she means to him, how fearless her love makes him, and how they were meant to be together the rest of their lives.

On top of the world, Dan demands Captain Harrison give him a case that matters. The Captain is sympathetic, but also a little hesitant. Dan is the most trustworthy person in the world, which is why many women (and at least 10% of all men) find him irresistible; he’s a Boy Scout with incredible pecs. The Captain assigns him to a case of the abduction and forced labor of the children of migrant workers, but Dan can’t let anyone know, not even his fiancé.

Jessica reconnects with her best friend from college and asks her to be her maid of honor. A lot has changed, and Amanda Savage is having an extramarital affair (one of several) with Chastity Grace, a Real Housewives type who has been pulled and lifted, plucked and injected with silicone more times than Donald Trump has lied. Her son is on the unicycle hockey team Dan coaches, and she always tries to seduce him. And Jessica’s demanding mother decides to “help out,” bringing out Jessica’s trust issues.

Then one of her patients goes missing, and Detective Miles Clayton plants doubts in Jessica’s mind about what Dan is up to. Miles is leading the investigation, but also part of the abduction ring, and is setting Dan up.

Everything comes to a head at the rehearsal dinner. Jessica tells Dan of her boyfriend in college who pushed her down the stairs when she told him she was pregnant. She breaks off the engagement. Two days later, Dan’s nighttime raid on the child labor camp is a bust. He is suspended, Internal Affairs investigates, and he is charged with corruption. But as the investigation progresses, it is clear everything Dan has done is with the knowledge he’s being set up, and he is in fact setting a trap for the real culprits, and the failed raid was part of his plan.

Jessica is also set up, but Dan rescues her, and she saves him by overcoming her fear of heights. The children are saved, and Dan leads the arrest of everyone involved in the abduction—including the real leader—the Captain.

Dan gets promoted, and they marry. They honeymoon in Mexico and climb the Aztec pyramids; Dan’s love has ended Jessica’s fear of heights. They gaze as the first stars appear, eager to share the moment with them.

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