The Haning Tree

Creator: Jackie Hayes
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
Fear turns into a fight for survival as parents lose their child to evil.
Synopsis: As Krysdina and her family start fresh in their new home, not everything is as picturesque as they were led to believe. Her oldest daughter, Kali is drawn to a menacing tree in their yard where a horrendous atrocity occurred. Unexplainable horrors start to unfold. An eerie malevolent presence soon makes itself known as the dark history of witchcraft tied to the house comes back for retribution. The evil threatens to overtake their daughter, Kali. Krysdina’s husband Sean is in disbelief, leaving Krysdina alone to be relentlessly terrorized by the malicious presence in the house, as well as being tormented by her own daughter. Krysdina must work fast to best the darkness before she and her family are consumed by the house’s sinister past. The Horrifying events in “The Hanging Tree” all escalate to a shocking ending promising to petrify audiences.

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