Creator: Jackie Hayes
Age rating: 17 and older
A family’s attempt to make a fresh start for themselves, results in what they thought they were escaping, revealing itself for the horrific truth that they never could have imagined.
Synopsis: Jessica and Ben relocate, with their two young children Matt and Lilly, trying to escape the tragic happenings of their past in hopes of a new beginning. Their past soon catches up with them with a vengeance, set on destroying the happy life they have built for themselves. Trouble follows their daughter Lilly as seemingly innocent accidents occur when she is near. These incidents are harmless and easily overlooked at first. Lilly causes a disturbance in school and mysterious events occur in the house. Lilly blames these occurrences on an ominous doll, named Robbie that she found in the attic. The disturbances escalate and are no longer able to be ignored as Lilly’s friend leaves the house crying and terribly disturbed after a play date with Lilly. Followed by the babysitter fleeing out of the house, absolutely petrified. Jessica works to uncover the truth of these unexplainable events before she and her family are consumed by the menacing presence surrounding them. Is it an inanimate doll causing mischief or is there something more insidious at work? These mishaps soon become deadly as a handy man is thrown from the second floor of the house. The events build, culminating in a shocking and unexpected twist as it is revealed that these incidents as well as murders were committed by a sweet innocent child, Lilly.

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