Off the Record

Creator: Stewart Gold
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
This is a trailer for "Off the Record" - a ripped-from-the-headlines crime procedural/comedy or "crimedy". If you like dark comedies such as "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or "Children's Hospital", you will love "Off the Record".
Synopsis: “Off the Record” is a ripped from the headlines crime-comedy hybrid, or as we like to call it … a Crimedy. OTR pulls real life news stories that are covered by our main guy, lovable, but anxiety-plagued newspaper journalist Justin Pfeffer. Each week, our fledgling reporter will encounter a constantly changing cast of weirdoes, prostitutes, survivalists, political figures and celebrity wannabees that stand between him and the scoop he desperately needs to keep his father’s dying newspaper from losing out to its cross-town rival the Gazette.

With his best friend Ira along by a thorn in his side, his sexually aggressive boss on his back and
and mentally unstable co-workers swirling around his desk, Justin knows that getting out of bed in the morning will be the worst decision that he makes all day.

“Off The Record” plans on doing what Dick Wolff did for 20 seasons with Law & Order -- but with comedy … twisted, dildo-in-your-face comedy.

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