Creator: Douglas E Palmer
Age rating: Everyone
A Coronal in the U.S. Army is sent to France , He is in charge a new top secret Base .
Synopsis: When the Coronal get there he can't believe the place it's beautiful , It is in France their up on a mountain under ground , The whole base is under ground . The Coronal and he's friend Doc and some of he's officers are out side looking down at the field below where a 100 years ago W.W.1 was fought . As they look over the valley a line comes across the field and it go into and off color and then comes back and you can see that a war is being fought below , But It's from W.W.1 , It's the British and the Germans . It's day's from the U.S.A getting into the war so does he get into it or not, he has enough fire power to end the war and he is in the u.s. Army or does he set back . He has lost all contact with he time .

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