Seeking Singularity

Creator: Aaron Prohaska
Age rating: 13 and older
In a world where a person's physical form changes to fit their personality in a given situation, one man looks to find his true self and consolidate into that singular form.
Synopsis: Though the character and situations are fictitious in every way, this story is born of my own life. Humans bend their personality to the people and situations around them. Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities because of how different I act and feel around different people. From talking to others, I'm not alone. Imagine if we took on a stereotypical physical form anytime our personality molded to the environment we were in.

In a world where it is normal to change physical form, it might seem that a person that never changes form may have achieved a higher level of self awareness. These folks might truly "know thy self."

Leon Stinger has grown to have many physical forms, and personalities, called meronyms. He is a lumpy sort of sad fellow at work, just struggling to make it through the day. While in most situations at home he feels like a "normal" guy though, sometimes, when the children act up, he becomes a dictator of the house. Other moments he may be a silly clown.

Leon's meronyms had become so vast, that Leon feels lost in himself. Who is he really? Some of them, he doesn't like very much? He wants control of who he is and sets out on a mission... he goes out to seek his singular form... his one true self.

There is a medical procedure available, called Subjugation, that will suppress meronyms. Subjugation can be used for people with less than savory meronyms, hiding away the parts of themselves that want to do bad things, but some people elect the procedure for themselves, picking to keep only their best meronyms. Though the procedure exists, Leon wants to find his natural self and not use a quick fix technique.

Leon's friend, Philip Jackson, has achieved singularity and offers to coach Leon in his journey. Together they isolate the triggers to the physical changes. Leon must meditate and focus to consolidate himself and forces himself closer and closer to a singular form. He is forced to acknowledge all his different meronyms. As he identifies the triggers and the emotions, he learns to suppress the meronyms on his own.

The closer Leon gets to his goal, the more unnatural he feels inside. In fact, he feels more unbalanced than before. He sets up a meeting with Philip to commiserate over his unrest. Philip is in a bad mood because there was an accident getting his hair cut and they had to shave his head. He is trying to cover it up by wearing a hat. Philip convinces Leon the process takes time and has to just stay strong.

A storm is coming in and as the two exit the building to their cars, a gust of wind blows off Philip's hat exposing his bald head. Subjugation leaves marks on the subjugated's head and Phillip's head had many markings.

Leon just gets in his car and drives off while processing what he has seen. He goes home and talks to his wife. The more he thinks about it, the more betrayed he feels, his anger swells up. He rushes out and drives over to Philip's house with intent to harm him.

Once Leon gets Philip to answer the door, Leon grabs Philip and pushes him out into the year in the rain. Leon asks why the lies. Philip admits to his inability to control his meronyms, if he could get rid of one, another would take its place. His intent was good, he wanted to help but didn't think it was truly achievable and in some way is jealous of Leon's ability.

Leon accuses Philip of hiding behind that one face and drives off. He doesn't really have a destination in mind, he can't think, he just drives. Leon finds himself at a fun house and buys a ticket to the house of mirrors.

Leon finds his way into a room where he is surrounded by mirrors. As he stares at his reflections, each mirror starts to reflect one of his meronyms. The ask him why he wants to get rid of them. They talk about their good attributes and the reflect on the bad attributes, challenging Leon to fix the parts that have issues but there are good parts to keep.

Fast forward...

Leon has now realized that its okay to be who ever he needs to be in specific situations. He changed jobs and found a career that he likes, his work meronym is now also someone he likes. He can use his meronyms to their strengths.

Finally, he goes to play football with the guys. A new player shows up and Leon asks, "who's the new guy." It is Philip. Turns out Leon had some things to teach him instead.

Embrace who you are and focus on the best choices to enhance all the different sides of the complex being you are.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Aaron's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is the original version for submitting to Amazon. The story line started with the goal of the main character finding singularity. Along the way, writing this helped me find that all the different personalities we take on in our life are part of who we really are. The story morphed to fit that discovery of myself in the real world.