Creator: Mickey Hatewood
Genres: Drama, Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
A family face grave danger when they are possessed by the spirits of an evil cult.
Synopsis: After five years of living in familial bliss, the well-respected Porter family are about to have their world turned upside down when the spirits of an evil cult resurrect in their home and aim to possess them.

The Porter's daughter, Dawn, becomes sick and bed ridden; their son Michael, normally shy and reclusive, suddenly spends time with a "new friend"; the father Jack develops an obsession with the secretive house attic... and disturbing sexual desires.

It's down to the mother of the house, Nicole, to seek answers. She finds help from a past-life regression therapist who enlists a group of paranormal researchers to conduct experiments in the house. When the session goes awry, the Porter family must fight for their lives and their very souls as the evil cult unleash a reign of supernatural terror and bloodshed.

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