Age rating: 13 and older
A Palestinian youth goes to America on a scholarship, but his dark past compels him to join a baseball team that pushes him deeper into a conspiracy that threatens the peace in the Middle East.
Synopsis: From the Gaza Strip as the mysterious boy they call the "Stone Thrower", Ahmad Ameer goes to Egypt and then to America to earn a master's degree in history. But Ken Rafter, a former Navy SEALS turned gun-runner in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, divulges Ahmad's identity to a baseball manager, Alex Lambert, who is need of a good pitcher, because he has left the team owned by Jack McDougall. When Alex approaches Ahmad to recruit him, the latter declined. Ken threatens Ahmad with a call to reveal his identity. Ahmad has to accept the job to save his skin from the Israeli government that is looking forhim.

Ahmad thinks it is all for the baseball game, but Ken Rafter and his Israeli contact, Ezrah Gaben, has another agenda--they want to assassinate both the American president and the Israeli pprime minister during a baseball championship game in Miami. Together with a rebel Ukrainian officer, Kiel Lavro, Ken and Ezrah carry out the assassination plot. They use Ahmad to kill both heads of states by fashioning an impact grenade inside a baseball. But first they want to extort money from Jack. The extortion is foiled by FBI Agents Mark Kimmel and George Beckett in Georgetown, Cayman Islands.

Ahmad meets his father who has been in prison since the first Intifadah in Geneva. Then the group of Ken and Ezrah brings him to Russia to meet with Russian baseball players.

The agreement is for Ezrah to release Ahmad's father, Hamid Ameer, when Ahmad has accomplished his mission. But the plot is discovered when Ahmad asks Jack to allow him to return to Egypt, but Jack refuses. Ahmad has to admit that he is a threat to the peace in the Middle East. Agents Mark, George and Jack fly to Zurich to retrieve Ahmad's father from his Russian guards.

At the precise moment that Ahmad is about to throw the baseball grenade to both the American president and the Israeli prime minister, Mark and his team rescue Ahmad's father from the Russians after a shootout.

Ahmad throws the ball to the Cuban batter and the baseball explodes in the air. Kiel tries to kill Ahmad using another ball, but the latter is able to dodge the ball. Ahmad chases the three assassins ans kill them with the baseballs given to him by the Russians.

The Israelis and Palestinians sign a peace treaty to end the war between them.

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