Arcadis: Prophecy

Creator: George G. Kramer
Age rating: Everyone
The most powerful sorcerer in the universe has to overcome a prophecy that states he will die once he turns 30. In the process, he discovers a dark plan to spark a war of unimaginable consequences between primary and secondary sorcerers.
Arcadis seems like any regular guy. He lives in the quiet town of McCordsville, Indiana, where he runs an antique store. But in reality he hides a massive secret: he is the most powerful sorcerer in the entire universe. His power is due to a pentagram embedded in his chest,
For years, he lived a quiet life on earth trying to stay away from the hectic magical universe. But he suddenly starts to be attacked by different types of magical beings. When Topec, a Regulator or magical policeman, and Surla, a Chronicler with the capacity of storing and transmitting all information she sees, go to visit him, Arcadis finally understands something is wrong. Topec tells him that several regulators on earth have been attacked and killed, and he needs to be questioned.
They bring him to the Convocation, the center of power of the magical universe, which is located on three floating cities. The convocation is the formal assembly of three powerful sorcerers that determine the rules of the universe to which all magical beings have to bind. Each sorcerer is the supreme representative of a primary color power.
In the beginning of the universe only three primary color powers existed: red, blue, and yellow. A universal rule stated that no one was allowed to marry outside of his or her respective color, thus every sorcerer was a primary color. But then a powerful sorcerer called Lord Quill took control of the universe; seeking complete power for the rest of eternity. Thus, he ruled no primary color power would be allowed to marry another primary color power. A dilution occurred. Whenever a primary sorcerer married another color power, a secondary color would be born, creating a whole new group of secondary power sorcerers. These sorcerers are less powerful and have no representation on the convention, yet their numbers continue to grow.
Arcadis is summoned to the Convocation but upon his arrival, he soon senses something is off. His intuition proves right when he is confronted by Lucinda Bianca, a yellow powered sorcerer that tells him about a terrible prophecy: because of the crimes of his dad, Lord Quill, Arcadis must die once he turns 30 years old.
With the support of Topec, Surla and Alexia, his powerful mother, Arcadis must now literally fight for his life in order to prove the prophecy wrong. Eventually, he manages to defeat Lucinda. But soon he is inexplicably summoned to the Convocation to face a trial.
It all turns out to be a plan of Alay, his resentful sister, who along with two other powerful sorcerers from primary colors, summon the Enchanted Assassin, a mythical figure that Lord Quill had hidden in case the universe was ever under attack. The Enchanted Assassin has the combined power of all senior sorcerers of the convention, an astronomical power. Arcadis suffers terribly whilst fighting him, but eventually, he manages to defeat him.
Now things have gone back to normal, and Arcadis thinks he can return to his easy Indiana life. But he soon finds out that a war of unimaginable consequences between primary and secondary sorceress is about to begin, a war that could be the end of the entire universe. Arcadis must now find a way to stop it.
Target audience
The intended target audience is people aged 10 to 99 who are interested in fantasy stories and magical worlds.
Intended platform
The series is a multi-platform project that can work well on both traditional broadcasting channels, especially on specialized networks or on VOD service platforms.
Additional content
The series is based on a collection of books that have been published with significant success. There is a growing fan base of the books, from kids to nurses and housekeepers who have expressed their love for the story and would probably become huge advocates of the series.
A fantastic strength of the storyline is the universe in which it is built. This universe permits a wide variety of spinoffs and additional storylines that can be built, turning it into a truly global franchise that might be a source of significant future revenue streams.

Merchandise and licensing
Because of the fantastic nature of the characters and the universe, there is a huge licensing and merchandising opportunity with the series. All sorts of consumer products may be created using the intellectual property of the franchise.
A growing fan-base for the book series ensures that the products have a high demand and will be greatly appreciated by all of them.
“Prophecy” - Arcadis must retreat from his easygoing life in McCordsville, Indiana because strange things are happening in the magical universe. He finds out about a prophecy that states he will die once he turns 30 and must fight to stop it from happening. But after he triumphs, he must now face an even greater challenge: defeat the Enchanted Assassin, which has been summoned by Alay, Arcadis unknown sister.
“War” - A war has been brewing for some time now, and things are about to escalate. The three primary color powered sorcerers and the secondary powered sorcerers are about to face each other for the first time. Arcadis must convince the secondary powers to desist of their intention, all sorcerers in the universe will have to unite for a war of much grander scale. Arcadis experiences a metamorphosis that increases his powers and with them, he must save the senior members of the Convention.
“Decimation” - Arcadis is furious and confused, he must save the members of the Convention from powerful wizards. But doing so means annihilating that race of magical beings. If this problem wasn’t enough, an incredibly powerful ancient being has awoken. A three-headed monster returns for something that was taken from him millions of years ago: color magic. In the process, he starts absorbing all the power in the 16 realms. Arcadis must now fight this creature if he wishes to save himself and the entire universe.
“Emperor of all, Emperor of None” - Arcadis needed the Enchanted Assasin to defeat the mystical creature and the wizard uprising. To do so, he promised his beloved planet earth to him, now he must deliver on his promise. In the process, Arcadis realizes that all the powerful creatures in the universe are using him to advance their own secret agendas. Trying to break away from this cycle, Arcadis does something horrific that catches the attention of Deus, an extremely powerful creature. Nothing seems to go right for Arcadis.
“Convergence” - Arcadis is in unfamiliar territory. For the first time, he is unsure of his decisions and is slowly descending into madness. Forced to face familiar and new adversaries, he is slowly taken to a reality far removed from his own. Against his judgment, Arcadis is convinced into a perilous and life-altering mission: he is to negotiate an agreement with the powerful creature Diabolus.
“To walk among Gods” - Arcadis is determined to rebuild his old reality, but he must now learn how to handle his new God-like powers. He almost manages to return everything to normal, but Divinius, son of Deus and made up of pure energy, shoots him just before he accomplishes his mission. Now he must deal with a new reality, filled with new friendships and powerful enemies. As if this wasn’t enough, he will also have to face a new enemy whose power is nearly unlimited.
“Days of Reckoning” - Arcadis barley manages to survive his previous battle. Upon his return, he contracts a magical virus that seems to be his doom. To make matters worse, a new and powerful creature is able to defeat him and Divinius at the same time. Divinius manages to transport Arcadis to his realm, where he tries to find a cure for the magical virus so he can mount a counter-attack on the powerful creature. But Arcadis never returns. Ten long years pass before the sorcerers are finally able to locate Arcadis. And when they do find him, what they find is a changed sorcerer.

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