Assassin's Confessor

Creator: Allen Buice
Age rating: 13 and older
A young college professor has one chance to bring his ambassador father’s killer to justice by extracting a confession from a trained assassin.
Synopsis: Mark Piper, freshly minted Ph.D., just wants to start a quiet life in a small college town with his new wife Kelly. His father, an ambassador, was assassinated while traveling with a military convoy in Iraq. Mark is approached by people he believes to be federal agents because a new student, Sam Dietrich, a recently discharged veteran trying to start a new life, is the killer. The agents believe that a ‘friend’ might be able to get close enough to record damaging information they can use. Mark and Sam have a stormy relationship of anger and mistrust, but Mark quickly comes to realize that his father may not have been the pristine patriot he thought. Mark must come to terms with his own willingness to risk his life in the pursuit of the truth about his father, his country, and himself. Will Mark submit the recording or will he team up with Sam to bring down the real enemy?

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