Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
When an aspiring catering manager at a large music venue is replaced by a bombastic rival, he and his pals fight to save their jobs, their friendship and their summer, while disrupting a concert or two along the way.
Synopsis: It's the summer before Senior year of College, and Mike Beeman and his two pals, Rob and Dan, are excited to begin their final summer working backstage at a major concert venue. The job is essentially one summer-long party and the guys make a pact that this will be "the greatest summer in recorded human history." After graduation, Mike looks forward to a future in Finance, imagining himself as a Wall Street big shot, while Rob plans on attending Medical School. Dan, the perpetual slacker, fears the so-called Real World and wishes to work backstage until retirement. And he would if not for his asshole father.

The summer starts out wonderfully (parties, concerts, booze, girls), and is made even better when Andy, the venue's CEO, promotes Mike to Backstage Manager. With no authority to interrupt the guys' backstage hijinks (pranking performers, rummaging through their belongings, stealing liquor, etc.), and a cute new backstage employee, Jackie, as the object of Mike's affection, it's clear that this will indeed be the greatest summer of all time.

But things start to sour quickly. Upon finding out that Taylor Swift is headlining RespeckFest - the summer's largest concert - Rob becomes infatuated with her, thus clouding his focus on everything else. Dan's father won’t get off his case about finding a "real" job. Meanwhile, Mike receives rejection after rejection from the financial firms that he's applied to work at after graduation. Making matters worse, because of a major last-minute scheduling change on the concert calendar, Andy hires the brutish Lonnie Snailcrust to replace Mike as Backstage Manager.

Party over. Summer is ruined.

Dejected, the guys realize that to salvage the summer, they must resist and fight Lonnie at every turn. But Mike's passiveness and fear of confrontation get the best of him. Unable to stand up to Lonnie, Mike becomes the target of his aggression, leading Lonnie to go out of his way to humiliate him in front of the staff, his friends, and Jackie. Upon learning that there may have been an amorous history between Jackie and Lonnie, Mike flips out. The stress of the doomed summer culminates with the guys coming to blows, causing Dan and Rob to quit the day before RespecFest.

Now friendless and forlorn, the pressure is on Mike to run the entire backstage operation on the biggest concert date of the year practically by himself. Yet, an opportunity presents itself to not only get back at Lonnie, but perhaps get rid of him for good. But the plan is not without its risks. As he says to a co-worker, "It could derail the show, shut down the venue, and leave me forever heartbroken. But if it works... you and I both win."

Meanwhile, Rob and Dan return to the venue. Rob to profess his love to Taylor Swift, and Dan to... well, because he had nothing better to do. Surprisingly, Mike's plan for revenge the plan goes off without a hitch - Lonnie gets humiliated in front of thousands, and eventually gets lead away to jail. Rob gets denied by Taylor and Dan drinks his own pee. Oddly enough, the latter action eventually leads to Dan's father finally respecting him, and the guys once again becoming friends. Lonnie gone, his friends reunited, and Jackie showing interest in him, Mike and the guys can finally enjoy their summer. Recognizing Mike's dedication to the job and the venue, Andy offers Mike a unique career opportunity, completely opposite the finance career he thought he wanted.

At the summer's final party, Rob has a new love interest, and Dan and his dad get along like best buds. Mike and Jackie are officially a couple. As the guys raise their beers and toast, they all agree, "this was the greatest summer in recorded human history."

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