Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A Emily Dickinson as we don’t know: rebellious, mischievous and carnal, in love with Susan and waiting for the Master, until, like a ghost, she retires to her room till Death. Surprising dialogues, jokes, verses and acts of life that bring us to the greatness of being.
Synopsis: Our biography begins when Emily is 16 and ends with her death. Based on letters and poems, it is strictly realistic, except the dialogue I invented with Emerson. Emily is sparkling, critical, biting, deserting the Church and, passing between the last and the "strange" of Amherst, takes refuge in the woods, the Nature. She loves the one who will become her sister-in-law, and discovers poetry: which explodes in pure and growing verses on paper - we see them -, and that for their power and spelling scandalize the same author. But the real world is very different: her parents call a priest to exorcise the "strange" daughter, the relationship with the mythical man to whom she writes fiery letters ends suddenly, and over the years the rumors about her increase, like the aims to grab her writings (which must be given to fire!). A series of deaths upset her and she finds herself alone, almost mad, in her room. Only the love for a paternal friend wakes her, and her new Irish maid, which is pure comedy. And when this last loved one dies too, an evil reduces her to bed. But before dying Emily offers us with every word and gesture all her immense strength, in that room in which her soul has been isolated and magnified in the years, and in a very high monologue finally Everything culminates, to remain immortal. And we discover that this greatness perhaps can also be ours, if we take the invitation.

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