Creator: Lisandro Mota
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Malcolm Criswell, an ambitious and successful businessman, has everything a man could want. Everything changes when his secret life is discovered and another man appears who threatens to take away everything he has achieved in life.
Synopsis: A brief flashback of Tyler's youth and his persuasion skills as a teenager is recounted. Malcolm Criswell lives life as he pleases, goes out to drink with his friends, has adventures with other women, while he makes Florence Criswell, his wife, believe that he goes to work. A pretty fun weekend in Las Vegas makes Florence, who had to attend to her husband's commitments, suspect her husband's debauchery and discover his adventures.

Malcolm is abandoned by Florence, who also takes the children, and is left alone in the firm he ran with Florence. This starts a rivalry between Malcolm and Tyler Clark, Florence's new boss, who tries to seduce her and invites her to go out frequently. Malcolm takes action on this and publicly humiliates Tyler by making him see that Florence still loves him.

Malcolm returns to his old life, leaves Florence to work, and he goes out to have adventures while she works. Tyler takes advantage of Florence's situation and reconquest her, convincing her to leave Malcolm. She does it and this time she asks Malcolm for a divorce.

Defeated, Malcolm decides to give a deadly counterattack against Tyler, while making the divorce agreements investigates him to corner and murder him. Malcolm signs the divorce with Florence and seduces her one last time and has sex with her, but he can not make her return. He launches his plan and enters the residence of Tyler's lover, the same night they were supposed to be together. When he commits murder, he finds out that he murdered the lover's husband. Malcolm murders the lover and flees the scene leaving clues that point to him at the crime scene.

The murder of the lover and her husband comes to light. Malcolm flees but does not get very far, he is arrested and accused of murder. He is forced to plead guilty and is sentenced to two life sentences. Already in jail, Malcolm receives his children, accompanied by Tyler. Finished the visit, Malcolm asks a moment to speak alone with Tyler and mocking to have slept with Florence when they signed the divorce. To Malcolm's surprise, Tyler was already aware of Florence's adventure and revealed that he had planned it for both of them to lie down. Tyler says goodbye to Malcolm and then holds a conversation with Griffin, the detective in charge of the case, revealing that he was already aware of Tyler's plan.

While Tyler leaves with the children of Malcolm, Robert tells how he executed the plan that took Malcolm to jail.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Lisandro's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I was inspired by feminicides, a story that a friend told me about how a man killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend. I changed the setting and gave it a tone of business people and middle class.