The Invisible Man

Creator: Ivana Gaona
Age rating: 17 and older
Rachel, a lonely woman recently divorced, still can't get over her husband, who hates her for different reasons, she feels very bad about this but this gets worse when she starts receiving calls and threatening notes.
Synopsis: Rachel and John seemed like the perfect couple but after 10 years of marriage they split up and John lets see that marrying Rachel was his biggest mistake in life while Rachel continues to love him. Shortly after the divorce Rachel begins to receive calls and threatening notes, at first she lets it go thinking it's John and his way of showing that he hates her, the situation slowly begins to terrify Rachel. Her friends, Logan and Allison tell her that it's best to report the calls but Rachel refuses to do because she insists that it is a joke of bad taste on John's part.

One night Rachel's dog wakes up barking and she realizes that someone wrote her name in the window with blood, after that things start to get worse, one morning Rachel realizes that the lights on her front porch were destroyed , another night she listens as someone sneaking round her house. She goes to the police after she receives a call where a distorted voice can be heard and someone tries to enter the house.

Officer Vance is in charge of questioning John who informs him with annoyance that Rachel is sick and that they should not believe what she says, it lands very hard on Vance who from that moment begins to distrust the story of Rachel, while Both Chief Woodwork interrogates Rachel but she keeps insisting that it is John.After that attack, chief Woodwork orders Vance and another rookie officer, Dawson, to go every night to watch Rachel's house, but for both cops it's rare for Rachel to go out and walk her dog at night when she says there's someone out there who wants to kill her.

Once again, someone enters Rachel's house and destroys their phones. She decides to inform Vance of this but he decides to stay quiet because he no longer believes in Rachel's stories. On Thanksgiving, Rachel's brother, Andy, decides to help her by hiring a private detective Patrick Lewis who places cameras and microphones in Rachel's house but this doesn't help because one night the cameras are turned off and Rachel is attacked .

Rachel doesn't remember the attack and despite the insistence of the police they can't get any information, that same day Woodwork finds out that Vance has hidden information from Rachel but he insists that there is not much information that can help him solve the case . After her attack Rachel changes house and resigns her job, for a short time the calls and notes seem to stop but he comes back and continues to harass her. One night while Rachel sleeps, someone enters her house and takes her dog, Boone.

Rachel insists with the police but Woodwork says there is not much they can do. Rachel moves in with her friend Allison and her husband Michael but a few days later receives a shoe box with Boone's collar inside. After they report this to the police, someone burns Allison's house, when they leave the house they run into a man with a hood on the sidewalk looking at the house, Michael asks for help but the man flees.

Rachel moves to a motel where the calls and door knocking continue. She starts writing in her diary and thinks that she might know who is her stalker, she buys a new house and is determined to face her stalker but it is the last thing that is known about her...

The next thing we know is that Rachel's body is found and Rachel's family tries to do justice but they are fighting with the only people who always seem to be right. The police system.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Ivana's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    It is a lesson tinged with thriller and a criticism in times of violence against women. A puzzle that is armed with information that can be as false as true, although everything depends on whether we are part of the game or look beyond the events.