HARMONY . Projet Vibes: a silent game

August Werner tries to present a project that improves the lives of people through the melody. But he is killed. Ryan, his son, is the main suspect with his uncle. The time goes against the Project is in danger of falling into the wrong hands.
Synopsis: What happens if I tell you that I can hack your computer and I'm manipulating you to do what I want?

And do you think it's your own will?

In Armony, Annet Dixon, tries to convince Ryan that he is his mother, since he believes he leads a life of drug addiction and alcoholism. With Evelyn and Daniel they explain that until they recover their memories or clarify the facts, they will not be able to reveal information about their personal lives. He is accused of plotting with his uncle to commit the murder through the Harmony Projet.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Andrea Emilia's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Harmony is a company dedicated to creating treatments to improve the quality of life of people. It goes hand in hand with science and technology. But Ryan Werner discovers that the Vibras Project is much more than it seems to be and could mean a massive danger if it is manipulated by the wrong people. But his life comes into play when he tries to warn about the situation.