Abraham Jr's Corner; Too Passionate to Keep a Dream

Creator: colby finkley
Age rating: Everyone
Abraham Jr becomes heavyweight boxing champ. He also married the daughter of the man that raised him. This made the racist town corrupt because she was a white woman. He ended up having to defend more than the belt. He had to survive and protect everyone in his corner.
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Abraham Jr's Corner; Too Passionate To Keep a Dream

A caucasian man name Mr. Charlie, rescues Abraham Jr and his other three brothers after both their parents was slain by some white supremacist group. Ignoring death threats; Abraham Sr became one of the first black heavyweight champions in boxing history. That's when the town of Red Oaks, Alabama becomes corrupt. White supremacy made sure their threats came true. So as adolescence the four brothers had to witness the tragic night when both their parents were killed. Mr. Charlie and his family. His wife Sarah and his daughter Jessica assist taking care of the boys until they become adults. Mr. Charlie looked after them like they were his own sons.

On Abraham Jr's 25th birthday he announces his hunger to fight and pick up on his father's legacy. He start dreaming about becoming his father's dream. Therefore, remembering what his father taught him he'd become propelled to get in the boxing ring. Sure enough with the support of everyone in his corner he became the champ just like his father. Only thing the fight still wasn't over.

All though segregation had been outlawed for nearly two decades, the un-hidden hate of racism reveals again because he and Jessica had fallen in love. The town did not like the fact that there was a popular interracial couple in Red Oaks. Sure enough Abraham Jr had to become the protector his father always told him he was and everyone in his corner was ready to fight with him this time.

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