Where In The World Is Matthew Redstone?

Creator: Johnny Mann
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A father loses his memory due to a severe concussion from a trucking accident and lives on the streets of New York for twenty-years before being found by his journalist son who was only ten years old when he mysteriously disappeared.
Synopsis: Imagine suffering memory loss and walking around not knowing your true identity due to a severe concussion from a trucking accident. Then, after twenty-years of languishing in homeless shelters, working odd jobs, living in the streets and fighting its elements of mental and physical abuse, you accidentally found by your journalist son who was only ten years old when you mysteriously disappeared.

"Where In The World Is Matthew Redstone?" concept is based upon discussions I had with a homeless man called "Matty" whom I met and befriended in a New York City subway station. He discussed with me his passions of having a family, especially a son, driving eighteen-wheeled trucks across country and may be managing his own trucking company. Therefore, with that in mind, I created this screenplay, along with trials and tribulations where an audience will show empathy for the homeless. Matty found dead in the bowels of a subway station in 1998.

I am a Vietnam Vet who has studied with veteran actors Juney Smith(Lethal Weapon 2, Good Morning Vietnam), Gilbert Lewis(Don Juan De Marco), Los angeles Script Supervisor, K.C. Calloway, Mike Nesbitt(Contraband) and Script Consultant/Producer Lee Levinson

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