Not On My Beat

Creator: Johnny Mann
Age rating: 17 and older
Two friends, after stumbling upon a profitable carjacking ring is suddenly arrested and sent to prison and their only hope is a retired police sergeant who must uncover the truth.
Synopsis: JAMES "Sonny" SIMPSON and RICHARD "Richie" MASON usually meet on a Friday night to play poker with their friend, RICK DOUGLAS. But on this night, they find Rick's dead body. Shocked that the police arrived so suddenly, it is later discovered that two corrupt cops, JACK RHINLER and DAVE MENKE, who was the cause of Rick's murder, was sitting downstairs and called in anonymously, shots fired.
After being booked and arrested, they come before the Head of the carjacking ring, criminal judge ROY "No Appeal" MCNEIL.

Retired POLICE SERGEANT, RAYMOND DANIELS, who is a motivational speaker in the prisons for new and young inmates is asked by Sonny and Richie to intervene in their case and help get them out of jail.

Sergeant Daniels who has taken on the newly created post as Security Consultant to the Chief of Police, recognize one of the young inmates as a shy teen from one of his old neighborhood beats. A seasoned judge of character, Sergeant Daniels decides to help them.

With carjacking becoming an epidemic with no arrests due to an Informant working in the Department giving the carjackers inside information, Sergeant Daniels proposes a Plan.
Sergeant Daniels asks that the two young inmates be released into his custody as new faces to be used as bait to find out who is running the carjacking ring and get a review of their arrest records.
But to Daniels surprise, his Plan is rebuffed and frowned upon by the Police Commissioner and especially his departmental nemesis, CAPTAIN GENE MILLER.
Weeks later when the Police Commisioner's wife is murdered and her car carjacked, Daniels realize all bets are off and his Plan is put into motion.
Sergeant Daniels later discover that Rick Douglas was a member of the carjacking ring and was murdered because of greed. ..muredered by Judge McNeil's henchmen -Sergeant Daniels own brothers on the force, men whom he trained at the police academy.

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