Terror Reborn

Creator: Jed Sutter
Age rating: 13 and older
An unknown terrorist organization known as the Malak is leaving a wake of bodies behind them as they rampage across Virginia. Only NCIS Agent Ramon Riggs and FBI Agent Erik Holden have a chance of stopping them before they kill again.
Synopsis: Alzilu Almalak. A terrorist organization with only one goal; to watch the world burn. They light the fire to consume the world aboard the USS Phoenix on the day of its retirement, beginning a killing spree spanning across states and countries.

NCIS Special Agent Ramon Riggs and FBI Agent Erik Holden are tasked with finding Raz and Omar, the leaders of the Malak, before they kill again. With the help of their teams, Holden and Riggs manage to capture sociopathic Raz in the ashes of the burning Phoenix.

Raz is a young man with a dark past. Death and pain mark his adolescent years culminating in the death of his parents at his own hands. His guilt for this horrific act drove him into the arms of Omar, leader of the Malak. The Malak is a non-religious terrorist organization working with the powerful URAI, an Islamic middle eastern terror group, to destroy the free world.

Following forensic evidence, Riggs and Holden are set on a path to finding Omar; marked with the bodies of a young woman every hour they search. The psychopathic Omar is a creature born of fire. His entire body had been burned and mutilated years before, making him into the bloodthirsty monster he is today.

Omar finds the darkest places of his follow's souls and leaves clues behind that open old wounds and tear allies apart. Riggs is haunted by the memory of his fiancee, killed by his own bullet in the crossfire with a serial killed called Lucrecio.

In a time Holden tried to forget, Lyla Holden bled out in her husband's arms with the life of her unborn daughter spent by the hands of Omar himself. From that day forward, Holden swore to find Omar and kill him.

After making his followers relive their darkest memories, Omar returns to the aid of his partner Raz to break him out of NCIS custody. With no witnesses or evidence, Riggs and Holden must wait for the Malak to resurface and kill again. It turns out that they don't have to wait long.

Raz and Omar storm a news studio with hell behind them. After rigging the building to explode, Omar broadcasts his message to the world. A message of grief, pain, and death. A call for revenge. A call to arms against the corrupt oppressors that have enslaved the world.

In their escape attempt, Holden plants a tracker on Raz and captures Omar. To confirm his suspicions, Holden sets an elaborate trap to ensnare Riggs and prove that he is a traitor. Holden ensures that Riggs finds out about Raz's tracker only minutes before a raid to capture Raz begins. When Holden and his team arrive, Raz knows that they're coming and escapes.

Enraged, Holden gets a warrant to search Riggs' personal phone history and finds incriminating calls to Omar. Riggs is arrested and interrogated by Holden but adamantly defends his innocence.

As Raz hides alone, he starts convulsing and is enthralled in a seizure. After taking a series of pills, Raz relaxes and remembers the start of the pain. Back in his adolescent years, Raz began the ritual of manhood by sleeping with his girlfriend Kiernan. In his moment of ecstasy, Raz was gripped by a seizure and passed out.

Raz was rushed to the hospital and operated on, only to discover that he had brain cancer that would kill him in the next two years. With the pain of his impending death, the loss of Kiernan, and the guilt of allowing his mother to commit suicide and murder his father, Raz decided that he didn't want to die in a hospital bed. He wanted a life worth living and a death worth dying.

Raz sought out the Malak and joined them with the intention of tearing them down from the inside. Before the attack on the Phoenix, Raz contacted Riggs to ask for help stopping the impending attack on the Phoenix and proving that Holden is the Malak's informant.

Raz and Riggs worked together throughout NCIS's chase of the Malak. Raz gives Riggs a recording of Holden calling Omar to help in their escape from the news studio. Riggs is released and conducts a raid to capture Holden. In the firefight, Holden is killed.

With Raz's help, NCIS completely dismantles the Malak and rids the world of their evil. But Raz is still alive so his mission continues. Riggs arranges for Omar to escape to lead Raz to the URAI, the Malak's middle eastern terrorist benefactors.

Once Raz finds URAI's secret compound and ensures that URAI's leader is present, he calls in an air strike. Without Riggs' knowledge, Raz stays behind to ensure URAI's leader and Omar are killed. Raz gives his life in the service of his country.

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