Creator: Serena Jayde
Age rating: 17 and older
Thrust into the midst of a story that demands to be told, a journalist must choose whether or not to be the voice that speaks up... No matter the cost.
Synopsis: Ryan Foster is a celebrated and well-renowned journalist, having covered some of the biggest international breaking stories at great risk to himself. His reputation is one for illuminating the truth, regardless of the personal cost.

After being named the recipient of the prestigious Knight International Journalism Award for his work covering a major international crisis for The New York Times, Ryan finds himself intentionally thrust onto the pages of a story that will force him on a collision course with a moment that re-defines his life forever.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Pitch Trailer
    Creative Notes:
    Trailer created to pitch the story for further development and finance opportunities.

    This was a no budget shoot to show the direction that the film would take if funded for development.