The Fuzzy Oddballs

Creator: Jeff Calnan
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
It's a sequel to Ted 2 where Paddington comes over from England to find Ted, and they embark on a Wizard of Oz kind of adventure with a giant panda around Boston.
Synopsis: Paddington finds his Friend, Wang Lei, fooling around with his wife in London. He leaves for America where he searches out Ted; and finds him and John (that’s you) at a bar in Southie. They hang out for a while and become friends. Wang Lei shows up to find his friend and make amends. They all hang out and make their way over to Sam Jones’ house, where they find him partying with Alf who he met in his travels as Flash Gordon. During their encounter, Alf discovers that they all have personal wishes. Ted wants a penis. John (that’s you again!) wants to end his six-month dry spell and get laid. Paddington wants to become a real bear instead of a cartoon image. Wang Lei (who only mumbles incoherently) wants to speak normally. Alf tells them he will grant them these wishes if they each perform a specific task. Ted must steal a Duck Boat. John (yes you) must steal David Ortiz’s sunglasses. Paddington must go the L Street Tavern in Southie and order tea. Wang Lei must go to the Wai Wai Restaurant in China Town.

They head out on their quests. John (guess who?) gets into the Red Sox offices during a game and gets David Ortiz glasses. Paddington gets to L Street Tavern and orders his tea. Wang Lei gets his order at the Wai Wai Restaurant. Ted steals a Duck Boat with tourists, which begins a chase by two other Duck Boats through Boston. During the Along the way he scoops up John (u) who’s waiting at Park Street, Wang Lei in China Town, and Paddington in Southie. Still being pursued, he makes his way across Old Harbor in Southie, then on to Sam Jone’s house.

Having successfully completed their missions, Alf grants everyone their wishes, except John (you – sorry). Alf says his farewells and flies off to Melmac with Donny. Everyone watches him go, then Wang Lei starts yapping and won’t shut up.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Jeff's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A sequel to Ted 2 where after being thrown out by his wife, Paddington the Bear teams up with Ted and a giant panda named Wang Lei as they go on an adventure-quest for the one thing they feel is missing from their lives. They meet Alf at Sam Jones’ house and learn that Alf can grant them their one big wish if they perform a specific task, so they set off on their separate tasks around Boston.