Karamore Kin

Age rating: 13 and older
Two brothers from a tribe in the jungle must travel to the wild west to find the elusive man in charge of the organization responsible for slaughtering their family before he strikes again.
Synopsis: Kai and Jericho, two humanoid children with black tails, manage to escape as an organization burns down their village in Karamore Jungle and cuts off the tails of their friends and family. The children grow up in the wild west, hiding their true identities to find the man known only as "The Employer" who runs the organization that killed their family.
Jericho, having left the past behind, befriends an un-dead talking vulture named Adriel who wants to become a great bounty hunter. They head to a target-shooting contest in Terazzo City, the hub of all bounty hunters in the west. Meanwhile, Kai gets a job working for The Employer so that he can get close enough to him to exact his revenge. Jericho and Adriel win the shooting contest and are offered a job by The Employer to travel to Karamore Jungle and capture an animal researcher. Kai and Jericho settle their differences and work together to move up in the organization that killed their family.
Jericho and Adriel, along with other bounty hunters, take an airship to Karamore Jungle and Jericho befirends Danny, the pilot. When they land, everyone searches for the researcher named Cassondra. Jericho finds her and is taken back to her camp. She shows Jericho and Adriel the invaluable tribe of people she has been studying who all have black tails. Jericho reunites with some of his friends who escaped when they were children.
Kai gets closer to the masked man he believes to be the Employer. Kai kills the man, but finds out that he is only the Employer's brother. The actual leader of the organization is Danny. Danny is planning a second attack to finish killing the tribe of black-tailed people to sell their tails on the black market. Jericho teaches his childhood village how to fight back against the western organization.
Kai is murdered by The Employer and Jericho is captured along with the rest of the tribe and locked up in the airship. Adriel frees everyone and helps them escape as the airship spins out of control in the sky.
Jericho and Adriel defeat Danny by using their skills as bounty hunters, and the tribe is finally out of danger and able to live peacefully in Karamore Jungle.

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