Fallout: Curse of the Golden Pip-boy

Creator: Mark Swaine
Age rating: 17 and older
Being a huge Fallout fan, working on this story has been a dream. I've completed Fallout 3, New Vegas and I'm still playing Fallout 4, so being a fanboy of the franchise I've been able to maintain it's authenticity whilst also bringing something new to the saga.
Synopsis: Fallout: Curse of the Golden Pip-boy


A leader of a Settlement from the edge of New Vegas discovers a golden Pip-boy that leads to a VIP Vault containing all the supplies, weaponry and armour they'll ever need, unfortunately a Traitor within the Settlement told the local Raiders that frequently attack the Settlement. Plagued by regular attacks by the Raiders and Radioactive storms, the Settler struggles to keep his family and community alive and healthy.
In a bid to claim the find for the good of his people, and to lure the Raiders away, the the former Paladin ventures out into the Wasteland. During his journey, the Settler picks up a straggler, a German Shepherd he names Carne. The Raiders pursue the duo and he's badly injured in a firefight whilst making their way through the New Vegas desert. Over a ridge, he encounters a Trader and he quickly purchases a few Stimpacks. the Trader is suddenly killed from a distant bullet and the Settler runs for his life, heading to the safety of an abandoned Diner/Garage protected by Automatons.
Little do the Raiders know that the Diner isn't just some random point of safety, but a Marker on the Pip-boy map where the Password for the VIP Vault resides.The Settler manages to sneak past the Automatons and Lockpick the Diner, there he slays a few Radroaches with a Nailed Baseball Bat. Wounded, hungry and desperate, the Settler cries in despair because there are very few supplies and he's worried he'll die and fail his people. The settler finds the Terminal but doesn't know the Password, and as he searches for a safe containing the Password for the Terminal, he encounters a Friendly Ghoul hiding under a bed.
After a brief stand off, the two men fend off the Raiders attempting to breach the Diner. Amidst the firefight, they find additional backup as an injured woman named L.G. arrives seeking refuge from a Deathclaw tracking her. Reluctant to reveal much about herself, her inventory or destination, the trio agree to work together. The three strangers manage to hold the Raiders back, but soon learn from Diamond radio station that the Enclave knows about the Golden Pip-boy and are en route to retrieve it by force.
With the Diner surrounded, the three survivors find themselves trapped, but L.G. manages to hack the locked Terminal and a Vault door opens behind a wall. The door leads to a VIP section of an underground bunker, like a secret halfway house. Before venturing into the Vault, the Settler and Friendly Ghoul lay down cover fire as L.G. ventures outside to hack the Automatons to protect the premises.
With the Automatons now friendly, the trio find the Vault filled with Meds and food Rations (Buffout, Stimpacks, Rad X, Mentat's) and much to their surprise, they also find the original Vault Boy in Cryo sleep.
The catch is, the many science labs below levels are infested with Feral Ghouls, and the Password to the VIP Vault is on the bottom floor terminal. As a result of the Vault opening, Vault Boy is awoken from his Cryo chamber. Vault-boy, an obnoxious man in his early twenties, locks the invaders in the science lab section after he fears the trio to be hostile.
The three retrieve the Password successfully, mainly thanks to the Friendly Ghoul, but find themselves locked in with the Feral Ghouls catching up to them. Eventually Vault Boy opens the door, but only because the Diner comes under heavy fire as the Raiders take out the Automatons outside. The trio fend the Raiders off with their upgraded arsenal of weapons, but they're still outnumbered, and the Raiders retreat with the plan to attack at first light.
During the night, with only a few Raiders on watch, the Settler has Carne plant mines around the vicinity. L.G. finally reveals she has a Deathclaw egg that she picked up on her travels at Quarry Junction. With Carne busy setting traps, the trio combine their skills and scavenge the garage and Diner for components and junk. They find fans, turpentine, tin cans, fire extinguishers, spare Pip-boys, Toasters and set to work. The trio craft all night, pooling their resources and combining their skills. They put the Chemistry Station and Workbenches to good use, the Settler even discovers an Advanced Paint Mixing Station.
Satisfied with their additional arsenal of modified weaponry and armour, the trio and Carne share a meal and share stories about themselves. With Cold Nuka Cola's and plates of Salisbury Steak, Pork n Beans and Instamash with Fancy Lad Snack Cakes for Desert, the trio pledge to look out for the other's interests should they die in battle the following day. L.G. reveals she's looking for her Brother, the Settler reveals himself to be a Brotherhood of Steel defector and reveals everything about the Golden Pip-boy, the Friendly Ghoul reveals he's just looking for a safe place for him and his baby daughter, a Glowing One, and reveals there's a secret community where Super Mutants, Friendly Ghouls and Synths live in peace.
Pip-boy wishes he'd never woken up, and has never been in a battle. Even though the others pledge to watch his back, he still doesn't appear encouraged. At first light, the bullets start flying and the fighting starts, the four survivors use their arsenal against the Raiders, and appear victorious, until the Enclave arrive. As the Enclave move in, traps are sprung as mines are detonated and a repaired Sentry Bot is released from the Garage. The Quintet (Carne) appear to be winning the day as a Deathclaw arrives to reclaim her egg. Reinforcements arrive to aide the Enclave and as Vault Boy sees L.G. and the Friendly Ghoul take enemy fire, he retreats in a panic to the confines of his Vault.
As the heavily injured trio and Carne continue to fight, Vault Boy reappears in a Nula Cola Power Armour suit with a Gatling Laser Rifle and a Revolver. Pip-boy provides cover fire for the group as the Settler shouts in glory before he's permanently gunned down. The Friendly Ghoul is fatally injured and L.G. is shot multiple times, Carne helps drag L.G. back inside the Diner where the Friendly Ghoul begs L.G. to take the Baby Glowing One to the Community of friendly Super Mutants. L.G. agrees before the Friendly Ghoul dies smiling with his baby in his arms. Vault Boy is eventually brought to his knees in a hail of gunfire and grenades, with his Helmet off, he winks and gives L.G. the thumb's up before pulling the pin on a band of grenades, taking out a unit of advancing Enclave soldiers.
As the dust settles, carne goes outside and sits by his deceased friend, as the haze of fire, smoke and dirt, Carne sees the Raiders and Enclave move in to take the Golden Pip-boy. Carne growls whilst covering his master, suddenly the soldiers stop in their tracks as the Brotherhood of Steel arrive in fleets of Gunships. As the Brotherhood provide ground support, the NCR provide mobile support. With the enemy dead or retreating, L.G. notices the head Raider has escaped. She sees him at the top of a distant hill firing rounds into the air, gloating. L.G. takes the weapon she was going to use as a last resort, a Fat Man, and fires a Mini Nuke at the gloating Raider.
As the Mini Nuke evaporates the laughing Raider, a miniature mushroom cloud rises into the sky. L.G. protests as she sees a Brotherhood General removing the Golden Pip-boy from the Settler's arm, and they maintain it's in the best interest of the entire Commonwealth. L.G. reluctantly agrees. She returns for her pack before injecting herself with Radaway and Rad-X, then supports the Glowing One to her chest before walking away. The Brotherhood General tells L.G. he could use a soldier like her in the Brotherhood, and she replies with...

"No thanks, another Settlement needs my help.''
''You got a name?'' asks the General.
''Garvey. Laura Garvey''
''Well Laura, no hard feelings about the Golden Pip-boy?''
''No, we're good, Carne, lets go,'' says Laura smiling.

Laura is smiling because the real Golden Pip-boy is in her bag pack.

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    Creative Notes:
    Being a huge Fallout fan, working on this story has been a dream. I've completed Fallout 3, New Vegas and I'm still playing Fallout 4, so being a fanboy of the franchise I've been able to maintain it's authenticity whilst also bringing something new to the saga.